Now I can feel it in my bloodstream see it in the eyes

People lining up with their own demise

They have the man-made troubles to monetise

Corporate violence we can’t reply

Say It, Beastie Boys

Remember the Beastie Boys? Those three dudes from New York with a collective “we just make shit up as we go along” attitude.

Making the transition from punk to hip-pop in the mid-1980s, their Licenced To Ill album made everyone fight for their right to party. 1989’s Paul’s Boutique and 1992’s Check Your Head followed.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is apparently the sequel to Hot Sauce Committee Part One but don’t go looking for it, Beastie Boys obsessives. Part One was never released.

The album doesn’t look promising, with a colourful, but garish, front cover. Make Some Noise, the first track, if a tad poppy for the Beastie Boys, is just barely OK. First tracks should hook the listener so OK is not OK.

It’s all quite pretentious and outer-worldly but at least there’s a pop hook in nearly every song. It also features other artists who, to be quite blunt, aren’t good enough to be up there with the Beastie Boys, even when they sound like this – bored and boring.

American songwriter, singer and producer Santigold features on Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win. Her contribution to this particular song is of little value. Actor/rapper/whatever Nas, formerly Nasty Nas, also contributes little to the aptly titled Too Many Rappers.

The most disappointing thing about this album is the fact that almost all of the songs initially sound promising. The Beastie Boys have not lost the ability to draw the listener in but unfortunately the songs then fail to hold the attention.

I wonder how the fans that loved the Beastie Boys rate them now. Hot Sauce Committee Part Two doesn’t hold its own against their early work.

There is, however, a fun side to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. The promotional Fight For Your Right Revisited video should make anyone who has ever loved the Beastie Boys grin stupidly for 29 minutes and 55 seconds straight. They make up stupid shit that makes you laugh but at the same time you’re thinking “are these guys serious?”