When police are caught off guard by a massacre, it is usually for good reasons -- the society is so unused to them that there is no contingency plan, no automatic reaction. Thus, it took Oslo's SWAT team more than an hour to get to Utoeya island where Anders Behring Breivik was allegedly slaughtering teenagers attending a Social Democratic/Labour party youth camp; they had no helicopter at their disposal; indeed, it took them 20  minutes to find a boat.

The global right-wing commentariat were not so slow off the mark. Barely had the news of a bombing and a massacre hit the wires, than they responded with due caution, diligence, and seriousness -- by blaming Muslims. Though they had absolutely nothing to go on, and though the mass-shooting profile did not fit the model of European Islamist terror in the slightest, the theme was irresistible to them -- peaceful country in leftish Scandinavia, largely staying out of Western military adventures, hit equally by the "global war", etc, etc. How could it not be?