Jul 25, 2011

Miliband, Gillard and the moral posturing ties that bind

In essense, this Ed Miliband/Julia Gillard brand of moral posturing is a substitute for real political vision, writes Brendan O'Neill, editor of Spiked Online.

Before leaving Britain for Oz, I thought our Labour leader (Ed Miliband) and your Labor leader (Julia Gillard) had next to nothing in common.


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17 thoughts on “Miliband, Gillard and the moral posturing ties that bind

  1. Bo Gainsbourg

    I see the author is speaking on political correctness. Presumably its his own PC-ness in sticking to a rather doctrinaire line that the Murdoch press is never to be questioned in any form? Remarkable the desperate squirmings of right wingers trying to obfuscate or defend the actions of their hero heading up a company with a culture that encourages people to hack the phones of dead kids.

  2. Perry Gretton

    If they succeed in neutralising or, better still, diminishing Murdoch and carbon pollution, I don’t care what their ulterior motives are.

  3. paddy

    Hmm….I’ve not come across Brendan O’Neill or Spiked Online before.

    I’ll make a point of avoiding both in future.
    A tragic waste of electrons. 🙁

  4. Jackol

    I’m sorry, is this claiming to be new analysis of a new phenomenon? How was the cold war used in politics on both sides for decades? Tell me about George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and the War on Terror? Describe the politics of removing CFCs from world production? I don’t doubt for a second that I could find some examples from Ancient Rome or Athenian society.

    My goodness this is a pointless shallow article. There is nothing new here; pointing out one facet of politics that has been part of human society for millenia.

    By all means comment on the inadequacies of these leaders, or the failures of their political processes. Perhaps even some suggestion as to how the world could become a better place (I predict deafening silence on that front – committing on paper some genuine ideas rather than simply playing ‘racehorse political commentary’ – inconceivable). This puff and nonsense adds nothing of utility or even interest to political debate.

  5. Gavin Moodie

    I agree that this is poor thinking albeit well written. Unfortunately the author is so evidently biased that one can’t rely on his views on British Labour; otherwise a report on British Labour might be interesting.


    Polling by Essential out today has 58% wanting curbs on Murdoch’s majority newspaper ownership.

    So fly your opinions past me again…whatever your name is.

  7. mattsui

    Let the CIS spruik their own rogues.
    Speaking on “political correctness” at a right-wing think tank wank fest?
    Did they really have to bring some blogger from London for that?

  8. Lambikins

    A more interesting comparison between the UK and Australia: http://www.economist.com/node/18958387

  9. kraken

    Whoever this wanker is Crikey would be well advised to avoid the slightest association with his drivel in future. I feel dumber just wasting the time to read this piece of reactionary pamphleteering.

  10. michael crook

    We see where you are coming from. Go back there.

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