Jul 25, 2011

Essential: trust in media slumps following phone hacking

Trust in commercial media outlets has slumped in the wake of the phonehacking scandal, Essential has found.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Trust in Australia’s commercial media has slumped dramatically in recent months, according to new polling. But more people trust The Australian than any other newspaper.

According to the online survey from Essential Research, fewer people have trust in metropolitan dailies, local newspapers and commercial TV and radio news and current affairs than they did in March 2010.

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4 thoughts on “Essential: trust in media slumps following phone hacking

  1. jimD

    Bad news on the attitude of respondents to the carbon tax, I suppose, but the rest of the results don’t look bad to me. The ABC is way out ahead on credibility. And at least Murdoch’s mug-sheets are rated down there with talkback radio, as they deserve to be. While The Australian is trusted by more of its readers than either the SMH or The Age, I suspect a larger proportion of habitual readers of The Aus are rusted on Coalition supporters, while the SMH and Age probably cannot claim that sort of loyalty from any political party – indeed, their readers might be smart enough not to give any media outlet that sort of credit. I would like to see the circulation numbers, too. If the SMH and The Age together outsell The Aus, then Iam not bothered by the respondents estimates of their trust in these papers; at least if they’re reading the SMH and the Age, they are getting something closer to balance than they ever will from The Aus.

    I am left with a question: what are the sort of readers who need to be told what to think – in words of one syllable – going to do now, if they hate the mug-sheets so much? They’re certainly not going to read Crikey, are they?

  2. wilful

    I “trust” the Australian – trust them to provide whatever Rupert Murdoch’s view on the world are.

  3. Edward James

    When I am reading any newspaper in search of bit of political information, I do it understanding there will be spin, sometimes hard to detect and other times so much it is difficult to identify any substance. Readers of News Limited work product are fed a diet of political information some of it sourced from government media releases and filtered according to the inclination of the papers owner. Other put together by journalist with contacts who are working because their work product suits the employer. So many of us have our thinking influenced, push polled by the information we choose to access, just as much as we are influenced by the information our elected representatives / governments keep hidden. Many readers will understand the phrase “feeding the chooks”. It was not meant to be flattering of journalist, but it certainly identified a process where those in power influenced what got a run. Edward James

  4. scottyea

    Despite the poll, I think the trust was lost long ago.

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