It’s the weekend! This is your moment!

Which song has been soundtracking your life this week/weekend?

Leave the YouTube link for the song in the comments section and it will magically (eventually!) appear in this post to build an earworm soundtrack for the weekend.

Or, alternatively, nominate a song by mentioning @crikey_earworm on the Twitter.

Last chance to get on to July’s earworm compilation, earwormers. You can listen to June’s compilation here.

Next week’s weekend open thread will have a theme but won’t be included in July’s compilation. So there.

(These songs aren’t just disappearing into a supermassive black hole by the way….planning something nice towards the end of the year with some of the nominated tracks. If it comes off, it will be special…)

Have a great weekend and let’s be careful out there.

Over to you.

Neil: RIP Amy Winehouse. Dead at 27. Sad for her family and friends. Her cover of Valerie by The Zutons was great. The video features Amy’s voice although she wasn’t present. Which seems sadly appropriate.

@brenplong: ‘Upside Down’ by the Jaz and Maz Chain? Fitting companion to your review of The Horrors.

NewSoftShoe: Stockholm Syndrome by Yo La Tengo

Liz A: Fall at your feet by the amazing Neil Finn and crowded house.

Dave Keetch: Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air. Single has been out for a little while now, but I can’t get enough of this song which invokes memories of backpacking through Africa and Asia (despite the song being about Hawaii, lol!).  I guess it’s got a carefree, see-where-the-road-takes-me kinda feeling.

abarker: ‘Love The Fall’ by Michael Paynter. Please don’t throw things at me because it features The Veronica’s in the chorus. Just hit the airwaves as I was in my first stint out in the Mining industry doing 12 hour days labouring, after coming off a desk job in Finance. The words struck a chord with me in a big way.

william magnusson: i cant stand the rain..eruption

cke: “….i hate you telephone thing, listening in”….seemed appropriate this week!

abarker: Supermassive black hole – A Muse Fan? 🙂 The other day I went back and grabbed a whole bunch of songs I haven’t listened to in years for my MP3 player – there’s nothing better than an old school mix. I won’t go into everything here, but the new song that’s in my head constantly is “I need a Dollar’ by Aloe Blocc.

Amber Jamieson: I have had this song by Adele — Someone like You — in my head all week. It is glorious, but I am probably destroying it by listening on repeat.

Neil: Hurm. YouTube comments suggest Pusherman is on The Hangover 2 movie soundtrack. I wouldn’t know since I detested The Hangover. (Hot Tub Time Machine is da bomb though) Remember Curtis Mayfield the Superfly way.