Jul 22, 2011

Monckton threatens to sue ABC, calls chairman a ‘shrimp’

Climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton has threatened to sue the ABC and described its chairman Maurice Newman as a "shrimp-like wet little individual", writes journalist Graham Readfearn.

Climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton has threatened to sue the ABC and described its chairman Maurice Newman as a "shrimp-like wet little individual". Lord Monckton, who is towards the end of a near month-long tour of Australia, told a Melbourne audience he had met with Newman at a breakfast and requested he intervene in the broadcast of the Radio National documentary Background Briefing. Experienced ABC journalist Wendy Carlisle interviewed Lord Monckton and several of his supporters for the documentary, which first aired on Sunday. The documentary also highlighted links between Lord Monckton and mining magnate and supporter Gina Rinehart, chairman of Hancock Prospecting. During the program, Lord Monckton was recorded telling an audience: "So to the bogus scientists who have produced the bogus science that invented this bogus scare I say, we are coming after you. We are going to prosecute you, and we are going to lock you up." In the latest outburst on July 20 at a speech in Melbourne, Lord Monckton said: "I have written to the chairman of the ABC who is a shrimp-like wet little individual and I have said to him, right mate, I warned you about this woman [Wendy Carlisle] orally over breakfast. "I then wrote to you saying she is going about my friends pestering them and then she produces and broadcasts this garbage because you did nothing about it. Now I want the right of reply to these lies by the ABC or I will sue. So watch out ABC." ABC corporate affairs director Michael Millett said in a statement to Crikey: "The ABC has received a number of complaints from Lord Monckton about its coverage of him and is working through them. We have no further comment." Crikey requested a response from Newman but this request was turned down by Millett. Shortly after Lord Monckton’s previous visit to Australia, Newman told senior ABC staff that some were guilty of "uncritical group think" in accepting that serious climate change was being caused by humans. Lord Monckton caused controversy before arriving in Australia, when it was revealed he had displayed a quote from Australia’s former climate change policy adviser Professor Ross Garnaut beside a large swastika. The outburst was widely condemned and prompted Lord Monckton to apologise, only for him to then claim that the term "climate change denier" was a reference to Holocaust denial. During a speech on climate change last night, Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull warned the audience: "Do not fall into the trap of thinking that what Lord Monckton says or what some website says is superior to what our leading scientists would say." Earlier this week, the House of Lords took an unprecedented step of posting an open "cease and desist"-style letter online saying the Lord should stop referring to himself as a member of UK’s upper house of Parliament. In a National Press Club debate with Australia Institute executive director Richard Denniss, Lord Monckton repeated his claim to be a member of the House of Lords. Lord Monckton, whose current tour was part-paid for by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies, has threatened to sue numerous individuals in recent years who have criticised his long-debunked views on climate science. These include threats to sue US-based scientists John Abraham and Scott Mandia after they critiqued his claims. He also threatened last year to sue The Guardian columnist George Monbiot for libel. Lord Monckton also failed in a last-ditch UK High Court bid to force a right-to-reply on the BBC over the screening of Meet the Climate Sceptics -- a documentary which followed Lord Monckton on his 2010 tour of Australia. *An edited version of this article first appeared on Graham Readfearn's blog

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51 thoughts on “Monckton threatens to sue ABC, calls chairman a ‘shrimp’

  1. zut alors

    Has Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling been here for only a month? It seems so much longer.

  2. Peter Ormonde

    Actually I think Archduke Monckton is a real asset to the climate change case. I think it is wonderfully apt and fitting that Tony Abbott and Alan Jones should seek to elevate him to a spokesman and intellectual inspiration.

    A modern day Leonardo, the loony lord has cured MS, HIV and Graves Disease and a few others in his spare time while fighting the satanic conspiracy to foist world government on us all via climate nonsense.

    Really quite bizarre this stuff… have a look at his official bio set out in his little UK Independence party … The man’s talents are not many, they are unlimited … Lord Walter Mitty more like.

    Seriously unhinged and delusional at best, his obvious illness doesn’t mean he’s not a menace though. Remember Hitler was considered as just another quaint (if useful) eccentric as well for a while by Europe’s royals and their corporate mates.

    Like I said, a totally apt and fitting messiah for Alan and Tony. Gilbert and Sullivan could script a better one.

  3. davidk

    “A shrimp-like wet individual”
    A bit rich coming from a beligerant bug-eyed buffoon.

  4. steeleye

    What I find most bizarre about the climate deniers regularly rolling out Lord Twitfeatures to present their case is why would they waste their money on someone who is so obviously a charlatan/nutter/liar/* (* insert libellous label here). Can they not find anyone more convincing? Do they think that Australians are going to find a foreign ‘Lord’ more credible than working scientists because he insists on using a pompous and anachronystic title? There is, of course, a much more likely possibility: Lord T is actually a climate change believer who is convincingly sabotaging the denialists ‘case’.

  5. Johnfromplanetearth

    Reading all of this crap above just proves once again how vicious, cruel and ignorantly stupid people on the left really are. Insults in any argument are always the last resort of those who no longer have a rational one. It is far easier to mock and insult Monckton than actaully challenge his view with debate? Has anyone ever noticed that Al Gore was very shy when it came to debates?

  6. wothers

    What’s Monckton got against crustaceans? After Prof Abraham from StThomas University criticised one of Monckton’s presentations, he said he looked like an overcooked prawn.

    This guy is like Walter Mitty on steroids – the sooner he takes his pith helmet and goes back to the UK, the better.

  7. Peter Ormonde

    Actually last time I looked prawns, shrimp and all the other crustacea had bulbous eyes on stalks… something to do with shedding an exoskeleton …or maybe like Prince Monckton they had thyroid problems as well … either way it’s the pot calling the kettle black methinks.

    What’s the betting this fella had a crustacean nickname at Harrow…

  8. Godotcab

    When there are bleats for “The other side of the debate”, I say wheel out Viscount Monckton every time. Call him a Lord if that’s what it takes to make him perform.

    We couldn’t concoct a more farcical figure to discredit the denialists.

  9. steeleye

    OK johnfromplanet earth, perhaps some of the comments here about the good lord have got a little barbed. However, perhaps you should remember that they were prompted by his referring to the chairman of the ABC (who I would normally be reluctant to defend) as a ‘shrimp-like wet little individual’. Are you implying that such derogatory comments are acceptable when made by Monkton, who is indubitably not of the left? If so, why?

    Secondly, you have fallen into the common trap of assuming that everyone who disagrees with Monkton, and I am guessing you, is necessarily of ‘the left’, whatever that hackneyed old term means these days. I do volunteer work with a very spry 80 year-old great-gran who firmly believes that humans are having an impact on climate change. If you tried telling her that she was of ‘the left’ she would verbally hack you off at the knees.

  10. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    Monckton won’t take part in written debates where his science can be checked. It’s very easy to stand on a podium and tell lots of lies because nobody has the time to check them. This is why science is done in the scientific literature and not in public debates, and this is why Monckton has never been published in the scientific literature.

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