Jul 22, 2011

Monckton threatens to sue ABC, calls chairman a ‘shrimp’

Climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton has threatened to sue the ABC and described its chairman Maurice Newman as a "shrimp-like wet little individual", writes journalist Graham Readfearn.

Climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton has threatened to sue the ABC and described its chairman Maurice Newman as a “shrimp-like wet little individual”.

Lord Monckton, who is towards the end of a near month-long tour of Australia, told a Melbourne audience he had met with Newman at a breakfast and requested he intervene in the broadcast of the Radio National documentary Background Briefing.

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51 thoughts on “Monckton threatens to sue ABC, calls chairman a ‘shrimp’

  1. drovers cat

    Mr Monckton – Kermit the Fraud – was in Noosa last year and sparked a rally outside the local auditorium before addressing the usual cabal of old white males inside.
    One wonders about national pride here; the local press didn’t seem to mind that a foreigner, purporting to be a politician (well, he insists he’s a lord even though the House of Lords says he’s not – you can’t have it both ways KF), would comment on domestic political issues, even starting a protest rally.
    If K the F or anyone of his ilk tried that in, say, the US, he’d either be summarily deported or locked up.

  2. Greg Conkey

    why do you continue to refer to Christopher Monckton as Lord Monckton …. if you look up the British Houses of Parliament web site he is not listed …

  3. drmick

    We know what happens when you tie your dreams to a star.
    What happens when you tie your dreams to a moncktonnotarealord?
    Must be like holding onto a sewerage truck hose. “Mind you dont tread in that monckton”.

  4. Holden Back

    Can we get over this furphy – he is an hereditary peer, and correctly addressed as ‘Lord’, but since the 1999 reforms to the House of Lords, he is not entitled to sit there simply by virtue of his inherited title. The pantomime with the passport at the Press Club was simply embarrassing to all concerned.

    Why his membership of the House of Lords should mean anything in this debate is another question: his status does not stop him from being a goon.

    Chest-puffing threats to sue from minor nobility – how Dickensian!

  5. Liz45

    If he’s genuinely convinced that he’s correct, why does he have to resort to abusing everyone and anyone who disagrees with him? This seems to at least be childish/immature. I find people who give themselves titles rather boring and in love with themselves. He doesn’t come across as a genuine person to me. What was he doing prior to this activity? Working for cigarette companies – arguing against the science that cigarettes are lethal? Does he believe in free speech or just ‘free if you agree speech’?

    Will he threaten to sue Crikey or myself now? Good thing I’m not rich – don’t even own a house!

  6. ggm

    We didn’t write about Lord Lascalles, but Viscount Lascalles.

    We didn’t write about Lord Linley but Viscount Linley.

    if you want to be super-posh, I suppose THE Viscount ‘x’ is used as the written title.

    This is not new. Any decent book of English writing will explain how to WRITE the style of a tier of the peerage, distinct from how to address them in person. There are differences.

    Indeed, when spoken to, one is advised to use Lord, and ‘My Lord’ -but thats SPEAKING.

    So, can we just all agree to call the twerp Viscount Monkton, and if forced to speak to him, say hello my Lord, in a suitably happy-clapper pose.

    Moving on..


  7. shaz williams

    There are hundreds of hereditary peers, Barons , Viscounts and so on who are all entitled to call themselves Lord on official documents like passports, driving licenses etc and it is an offense to do that in the UK if you do not have that entitlement.

    However there are now only just under 100 who are entitled to sit in the House of Lords since Labour Party reforms in the late 90s.

    A fact that upset many who regularly clocked into the House for a subsidised lunch, a few G&Ts and to pick up their daily allowance of a hundred quid.

  8. Meski

    It must be embarrassing for those on the same side as him…

  9. Just Me

    I thought it was only the Teh Evil Leftie-Communo-Fascismo-Stalinista-Nazified Tax-Tax-Tax Fact-Biased CO2-Hating-Warmista Enviro-Scumbags who engaged in abuse of their opponents, coz they had no real arguments to use?

    It is so hard to keep up with the latest talking points from the shape shifting denialati.

  10. John Newton

    Although I agree the whole question of Monkey Bum’s title is irrelevant, it should be noted that is is far from an ancient conferral – it was created in 1957 – and he is the third

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