Jul 21, 2011

Kooks n crackpots … give ’em publicity, own the consequences

The Right continues to whine and dine at an impressive rate.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The Right continues to whine and dine at an impressive rate, with a new “victim of PC” visitor to our shores being announced — Thilo Sarrazin, former member of the Board of Germany’s state bank, and author of Deutschland Schafft Sich AbGermany Abolishes Itself, who is being brought to Australia by the Centre for Independent Studies, for its Big Ideas conference in August.

Germany Abolishes Itself has been presented as a startling new truth-telling, blah, blah, about immigration and multiculturalism, but its core argument is nothing new — simply a restatement of the hysterical notion that Muslims are taking over Europe — and specifically Germany in this case — with a higher birth rate, welfare dependency, etc, etc.

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58 thoughts on “Kooks n crackpots … give ’em publicity, own the consequences

  1. Martin C. Jones

    Oh, come on – that crack about Nazi Germany at the end was completely unnecessary. You can criticise a man without criticising his country, and conflating Sarrazin’s views with those of Germany in a piece attacking Sarrazin’s broad-brush portrayal of ethnic groupings is both ironic and insulting to Germans.

    For the record, Sarrazin’s views have been the subject of vigorous debate in Germany for several years, and they are by no means commonly accepted. Rundle fails to mention that the German Bundesbank kicked Sarrazin out in October of last year (a tricky process, as that required the approval of the German President), and that significant portions of the Social Democratic Party (including its current leader, Sigmar Gabriel) attempt to throw him out of that party, too.

    He is not quite as marginalised as Mr. Monckton is in England, but Sarrazin does not represent Germany.

  2. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    Don’t bring up the Nazis, Herr Rundle. It’s almost too easy. Go for the Thirty Years’ War instead – no better example I can think of showing religion – Catholic and Protestant in its most violent, dictatorial, and terrorist. And most of it happened in merry old Deutschland. Württemberg losing three quarters of its population – how do you like them apples?

  3. Sally Jones

    anti-vaccination obsessives such as Melanie Phillips. Guy Rundle Wrote:

    So you support unbridled vaccinations do you Guy? Are you a parent Guy? I am sorry for nit-picking your excellent article, but it’s a big NIT to PICK.

  4. Gavin Moodie

    I agree that Rundle skates close to Godwin’s law, but it is hard to respond otherwise to a German complaining about despoiling the nation’s racial purity.

    Loved ‘ . . . a whole toolbox full of cranks’.

  5. Sally Jones

    anti-vaccination obsessives such as ——- Guy Rundle Wrote:

    So you support unbridled vaccinations do you Guy? Are you a parent Guy? I am sorry for nit-picking your excellent article, but it’s a big NIT to PICK.

  6. Flicka

    Quick factual question: what exactly is an ‘unbridled vaccination’, and how does it compare to a ‘bridled’ one? And should we be using equine metaphors in this context? Really? The concept of a vaccination being ‘given its head in the home straight’ is quite icky…

    Have to say, I had all the required ones as a kid and seem to have grown up fairly healthy and not at all covered in spots or dead.

    I thought the ‘vaccinations are evil’ group were the same crazed loons as the ‘fluoride in water is a mind control device’ and had mostly died out now or at least moved to the Blue Mountains where they could do no harm. Am psyched to know they still live among us!

  7. AR

    From what I’ve read elsewhere, via, he seems to have swallowed whole mad Mark Steyn’s noxious nostrums.
    Just ocz someone is a nutcase doesn’t make their views incorrect but the Steyns & Sarrazins make it difficult to so opine.
    Which I think is GR’s point – why does the (allegedly) sane Right align itself with such people?

  8. michael r james

    Posted Thursday, 21 July 2011 at 4:40 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    [For years Sarrazin has been making tetchy remarks about Turks and Arabs, which rapidly degenerated into an obsession with bloodlines.
    What made it impossible for him to continue fully in that position was the part of the book where he began to dabble in genetics, arguing that all Jews had a gene unique to them, which made them more intelligent on average than others. Sarrazin argued that there was nothing racist about this — after all, he noted, the Jews in this respect are just the same as the Basques.]
    This is a little curious given the origin of Herr Sarrazin’s name. It derives from Saracen which, though lost to pre-history, originally referred to the desert-tribes in Arabia and Mesopotamia. Later, in the middle ages with Isl*m in full flowering and the Crusades holy war in full flight, the term came to denote M*slims. It is a fairly common name in France, almost certainly deriving from miscegenation with the Maghreb population of north africa.

    Herr Sarrazin needs to be careful what he wishes for because a genetic test may well find that trace of a genetic fingerprint from his forbears that may horrify him (and as a geneticist I can tell him that this technology is well up to the job these days).

  9. Malcolm Street

    Guy and AR – my theory about the way the Right is increasingly giving prominence to loons who used to be way out on the fringe is that it is another side-effect of the fall of communism. While an alternative political/economic system existed preaching greater equality (however appalling its reality), capitalism had to at least make some overtures to not only looking after people but also rationality, to be able to say that there was also an intellectual case for its superiority.

    Now, without an alternative, the reality is laid bare. Capitalism has gone feral, doing its best to break up the public sector to provide new opportunities for private investment in maturing markets. In the USA, where the process has gone the furthest, the business logic of reducing wages as a percentage of GDP and reducing taxes at the top end has run up against the reduced purchasing power of consumers. The difference has been made up with debt, but consumers and governments are as far into debt as they are able to handle (if not over). So how do you keep the ball rolling a bit longer? You scapegoat whatever elements of the public/collective sector remain and insist that your agenda hasn’t gone far enough. And the loons? They come in handy for destroying the potential for rational analysis and diverting attention by scapegoating.

  10. Linda Stewart

    @Fractured Flicka

    Do you have to be so rude and sarcastic to someone who might even be a nursing mother? you don’t know that she’s not, or does it matter either way, or do you even care?

    Going by your comment you are rude, obnoxious and completely uninformed. I would post you some links but you are probably illiterate as well.

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