Jul 18, 2011

Essential: voters convinced carbon pricing will hurt them

Things aren't looking much better for Labor after its carbon pricing announcement: voters believe the scheme will be bad for them and won't work.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Labor voters are prepared to back Julia Gillard on her carbon pricing mechanism, but new polling from Essential Research reveals just how few people understand the policy.

Overall, support for the carbon pricing scheme has risen 4 points in a week to 39% according to Essential’s online-collated poll — it had been steadily falling since May. Opposition is down to 49%. As previously, voting intention strongly correlates with opposition, with Labor and Greens voters equally strong for the scheme (75%) and Liberal voters against (79%).

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11 thoughts on “Essential: voters convinced carbon pricing will hurt them

  1. Brady

    After seeing the latest poll on TV which had Abbott at 51, and Gillard at 39 as preferred PM I just about necked myself. It’s true what some people have said in other posts on Crikey, the Australian people are the most innately stupid people on this planet. Hell, if having Abbott as PM would effect only them, and not me, I would love for them to get their wish, they deserve someone like him. Is there not a way in which we can divided Australia in half and let all the Liberal lovers f*** off with him? I do apologise for the language, but my frustration is at an all time high. How depressing.

  2. Mark Duffett

    …55% who believed they would be “much worse off”, a literally impossible outcome under any permutation of income under the scheme.”

    “a carbon price will lead to a big rise in the cost of living”, another mathematically impossible event, which attracted 68% agreement.

    It may be mathematically impossible when looking only at the instantaneous impact, but I’d say it’s highly probable most of these respondees were thinking longer-term.

  3. D. John Hunwick

    The only way people can think that the carbon tax can hurt them is if they are ignorant of the gains to be paid from paying it. Give up explaining the carbon tax and spend time and space on explaining why we have to act on climate change – and give some names of those who support it, and the names of those who don’t for comparison.

  4. Robert Barwick

    Who is this yahoo Bernard Keane?!!! “Mathematically impossible”? What a joke. It is designed to drive up the cost of living, in a way that it is impossible to financially compensate, or else there is no point to it. The Australian people aren’t that stupid.

  5. david

    More to the point Who The Fek are you Mr Barwick? Your two and a half lines indicates a rude, pompous, big mouth git.

  6. granorlewis

    Your bias is showing again Mr Keane!!

    You say “85% of Liberal voters believed they would be worse off, including 55% who believed they would be “much worse off”, A LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE OUTCOME under any permutation of income under the scheme. ”

    Every small business operator is going to pay through the nose with this tax, from electricity through almost every input to his/her business. They might get back $10.10 per week but the increased outgoings are going to be far more than that.

    If they pass it on, the consumer will pay, and we are not allowed to know how treasury modelling deals with that. Nevertheless this carbon price will unquestionably lead to a big rise in COL. Otherwise if they absorb it, they will soon go out backwards. Most small business operators will be hard hit even by a small percentage increase in the cost of operation. Those who are heavy power users eg refrigeration and aircon will be the hardest it, but ALL will feel it at the bottom line, where any tax reduction will have no real effect..

  7. Robert Barwick

    Half a line more than you, david with a little d.


    Oh dear, some of the lemmings have wandered into the blog, with their myopic stupidity and collective suicidal ignorance.

    Gawd love ’em, as they do offer insights into the limits of rodent intelligence and little else, poor things.

  9. granorlewis

    A real shame when valid debate is highjacked by half- brained zombies who can scarcely put two sensible words together.

  10. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Granorlewis, you think that “….. small business operators will be hard hit even by a small percentage increase in the cost of operation….”, and that therefore the carbon tax will lead to a big rise in the cost of living. You are passionate about your point of view even though it is constrained by not knowing how the Treasury modelling has arrived at its findings.
    And yet, Treasury modelling has predicted only a tiny increase in the cost of living – miniscule compared with the impact of the GST.
    What do you mean by “hit hard”, “hardest hit”, “pay through the nose” etc. These phrases are meaningless unless you just want to exaggerate, obfuscate and generally hijack a valid debate.

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