This looks great. ABC TV have commissioned a series that looks to be Australia’s answer to That’s My Bush. “At Home With Julia” is a four-part comedy that promises to take us behind the closed doors of PM Julia Gillard and Tim Mathiesons relationship.

A series like this is risky and could struggle as a one-joke concept, but I have some faith in this with Phil Lloyd on board as a co-writer and co-star. Lloyd managed to work the one-joke concept Review With Myles Barlow astoundingly well, with that show reaching new creative heights with each episode through it’s short two-series run.

Hopefully, following todays polling, Gillard is still in the top job by the time this series makes it to air.

The media release:

It’s like any relationship. Who walks the dog? Who puts the bins out? Who sends the troops to Afghanistan?

…These are just some of the questions facing PM Julia Gillard and boyfriend Tim Mathieson in At Home With Julia, their 4 x 30 minute narrative comedy starting production this week in Sydney. It will air later this year.

Part rom-com, part guaranteed lawsuit, the ABC1 series stars Amanda Bishop (STC Wharf Revue, Double Take) as Julia and Phil Lloyd (ABC2’s Review with Myles Barlow) as Tim.

“They’re just like any other busy modern couple,” said executive producer / co-writer Rick Kalowski (Comedy Inc.-The Late Shift). “Trying to balance their relationship with critical tasks like introducing taxes no-one voted for.”

Though the show’s about Julia and Tim’s private life in The Lodge, the team promises they’ve been respectful. “As writers, we agreed the First Couple’s bedroom was off-limits,” said costar / co-writer Amanda Bishop. “That’s why we put all the sex scenes in Julia’s office”.

The show also busts many myths about the real couple. “A lot of people think Tim just hangs ‘round The Lodge all day doing nothing,” said co-star / co-writer Phil Lloyd. “Not true. Sometimes he pops down the shops or goes for a bit of a drive.”

Most surprising has been Gillard’s support of the project, including use of real locations. “There’s a Malaysian detention centre she keeps asking us to stay at, which is really nice,” said director Erin White (Rush, Sundance-screened short Dugong).

ABC Head of Comedy Debbie Lee can’t wait. “We’ve long been concerned about generous Government funding for the ABC. Hopefully At Home With Julia will put a stop to that.”

At Home With Julia is a Quail Television production for ABC1. ABC Executive Producer is Debbie Lee. Quail TV Executive Producers are Rick Kalowski and Greg Quail. The series is written by Amanda Bishop, Rick Kalowski and Phil Lloyd. Director is Erin White. Series Producer is Carol Hughes. Surveillance is by ASIO.