Jul 15, 2011

It’s not a carbon tax, it’s a carbonanza!

Crikey readers have their say.

Gillard and the carbon tax:

Dave Sag, founder and Executive Director, Carbon Planet Limited, writes: Re. “Gillard’s credibility going from bad to worse” (yesterday, item 3). Why does the Government call the carbon price a tax? I pay my local council to collect my rubbish but that’s not a rubbish tax.

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11 thoughts on “It’s not a carbon tax, it’s a carbonanza!

  1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Jesus, Ken Lambert, do you walk around cow paddocks picking this stuff up? Wash your hands and face, stop picking your nose and stop picking up other peoples’ shit outside and bringing it indoors. Disgusting!

  2. granorlewis

    Yes Ken Lambert, you have nailed it!

    This Prime Minister is nothing but a charleton who must be gone by Christmas. We can no longer afford to have this non-government simply ruining our previously great country. Four years of it has cost the nation a fortune, which is now all on the credit card, and they are still borrowing $100million a day.

    This carbon tax concept is an absolute waste of space in terms of saving the world – or even a bit of it – and we just need to return the country to an era of sound government for all the people all the time.

    BTW, how come the editor lets Charlie get away that vulgarity.

  3. michael r james

    Hugh-Charlie, it just comes naturally to KL. He is one of Murdoch’s beetles. Read this satire by Jack Shafer on Murdoch at Slate this week, and my comment (below).

    [Jack Shafer in Slate on Murdoch.

    Michael James Today, 10:09:53 PM
    “..using her power to assume the form of a beetle and then eavesdropping on her subjects. When told that Skeeter could turn herself into a beetle, Murdoch is said to have exclaimed, “All my best people can!””

    Dung beetles, of course! Very clever really, find the best sh*t that way.]

  4. granorlewis

    Editor must be on holidays.

  5. [email protected]

    Brian Mitchell writes: Re. “Barns: why a suppression order ensures a fair trial” (yesterday, item 15).

    Brian, could you provide the names of studies you referred to in your response to Greg Barns?

  6. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Brian Mitchell, when you comment: “…These closeted individuals instinctively distrust the media and the way it covers courts, so they slap suppression orders on coverage as often as they can, in the arrogant belief that they know what’s best…..”, there’s an implication that suppression orders are only about coverage of what goes on in the court room. But you well know that some media coverage gets completely out of control long before a matter gets to court – sometimes long before a person is even charged. When the media starts hyperventilating, especially about matters that are highly damaging, it can be obvious to nearly everyone that this sort of thing is just not right. There is no protection from so-called ‘media watchdogs’ because the damage is done immediately a name is mentioned or an action is cleverly revealed. I’m not saying Barnes is all correct and wise but I agree with him that sometimes the media is stupidly irresponsible and needs to be constrained by the legal system.
    The general public rarely misses out on anything important by having to wait a while for its Pavlovian fix.

  7. Harvey Tarvydas

    Dr Harvey M Tarvydas

    Gillard and the carbon tax:
    Dave Sag, founder and Executive Director, Carbon Planet Limited, writes: Re. “Gillard’s credibility going from bad to worse” (yesterday, item 3). Why does the Government call the carbon price a tax? I pay my local council to collect my rubbish but that’s not a rubbish tax.

    She wasn’t told to call it a tax.
    If she was told, she did it right and called it a ‘Carbon Price’.
    I remember it perfectly. As she did it she heard an abbott chanting “tax tax tax tax tax tax” in the background and as clever as she is she is young enough to have ‘wisdom blanks’ and hearing the chanting in such a blank she said “well call it a tax if you must (and inaudibly – you f**king dickhead).

  8. drsmithy

    Not to put too fine a point on it but Greg Barns is full of s*it. There is no credible evidence to support lawyers’ claims that media exposure affects jury decision-making, much less decision-making by judges.

    I am (barely) willing to believe that the average jury will not be swayed by media coverage.

    But that’s not the big problem. The big problem is vigilantes who ARE swayed by media coverage, but who don’t bother to follow the actual legal proceedings to conclusion (and the media rarely trumpets an actual finding of innocence anywhere near as loudly as allegations of guilt), or don’t agree with the outcome (either in principle or scale).

  9. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Charles – you are more than entitled to your opinion. If you were born in 1917 I’m sure you’ve seen a heck of a lot that we can only imagine or read about. One thing I can pretty safely say you will never see at your venerable age is the consequences of man-made climate change. Perhaps you have grandchildren, great-grandchildren or even great-great-grandchildren? How about you think about them for a few moments?

    Australia’s carbon price (or whatever you want to call it) will not make any reduction in global warming. Finally something we can all agree on! What it will do is make a small contribution towards slowing the warming trend. It will also nudge Australian industry towards clean energy initiatives, which will in turn make us more competitive in a world that is increasingly aware of the impact of unpriced pollution. The alternative? Keep digging coal until the rest of the world decides it doesn’t want to buy it any more?

  10. Barry 09

    Oh , Granny Lewis ?? Liberal talking points of rubbish .

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