A press release was sent out today by the ABC, reminding all that a new series of The Gruen Transfer begins on 3rd August, 9PM, ABC1 (which will put it at the week following the end of Angry Boys, and will be a lead-in to Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Awakening).

Hosted by Wil Anderson, who is once again flanked by ad men Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson, the Gruen Transfer picks apart the world of advertising with intelligence and wit. Both it and last year’s election themed show Gruen Nation finished in the top 10 watched Australian television shows for 2010.

This year there will also be a new spinoff, Gruen Planet. All that has been said about it is it’s ‘a new show that will look at the news of the week through the prism of spin, branding and image control.’ In Zapruder Productions I trust to some extent, but it sounds sneakily like the original pitch to Good News Week, before it became… whatever you can call it now.