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Jul 11, 2011

Coogan goes troppo at NotW journo

In a fiery exchange on BBC current affairs staple Newsnight, actor and comedian Steve Coogan and broadcaster Greg Dyke tear shreds off unrepentant


In a fiery exchange on BBC current affairs staple Newsnight, actor and comedian Steve Coogan and broadcaster Greg Dyke tear shreds off unrepentant News of the World journalist Paul McMullen, who defends phone hacking and the culture of “whatever it takes” journalism.


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15 thoughts on “Coogan goes troppo at NotW journo

  1. GeorgeCrisp

    A “journalist” and his whole shoddy organization in denial. Does he really think think the world would be worse off without this dishonest and despicable behavior ?

  2. klewso

    Harvesting gossip to “sell papers (for the profit of the parent company)” – and then if their actions “lead to tighter controls”, it’s someone elses’s fault, that these gutter rats didn’t exhibit some sense of moral propriety and self-restraint? What sort of “code of behaviour” do these clowns work under?
    “Public personalities” they’ve become themselves, by “virtue” of their public profile – it would be good to see them copping what they like handing out to anyone not in “the club”.
    Not to mention their amoral biased approach to politics – wielding their influence, with their market share, on perception – as “unelected politicians”.

  3. klewso

    Is McMullen seriously suggesting Limited News “cover” politics for both sides, with the same intensity?

  4. stephen martin

    Unbelievable that any one associated with the muck raking and illegality of this “News paper” could defend their actions in this manner; Paul McMullen is a disgrace to his profession, he should be unemployable as journalist.

  5. jennyt

    I have just finished reading a risible article by Brendan O’Neill in another News Ltd masthead, The Australian, which defends the News of the World by claiming, as all Tories seem to when they aren’t totally in control, that this is all a left liberal plot to destroy freedom of speech and to restrict the rights of poor Tupert Murdoch to demagoguery. We in the middle cannot help but be bewildered by thesefiurther evidences of right wing arrogance and belef in their right to do whatever it takes.

  6. brian@vixen

    If I hadn’t seen this godforsaken excuse for a ‘journalist’ with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed he existed. He’s even worse than Bob Hoskins role as the tabloid editor in the film ‘Michael’. When fact is worse than fiction played as comedy, you know the lunatics must have taken over the (Wapping) asylum.

  7. Tim nash

    I can’t believe how cool and calm he is, after being centre of such a controversy.


    So that’s what a real ‘reptile’ of the press looks and sounds like.

    Think I’ll go and have a shower now.

  9. Andrew Elder

    “Coogan goes troppo” – Coogan was lucid and cut that poor sorry hack a new one. Yes, he was emotive but he and Greg Dyke absolutely nailed that Champion Of The Free Press. Choose your headlines better Crikey.

  10. Phil Hand

    Hugh Grant did a pretty good job on BBC ‘Question Time’ (UK version of Q&A) the evening before.

    Former red top journalist John Gaunt: ‘Who are you to tell us what paper to read?’
    Grant: ‘Who is Murdoch to tell us who to vote for?’ – brought the house down

  11. Roberto Tedesco


    Brendan O’Neill is one of the fabulists from Spiked, the former “Living Marxism” and “Revolutionary Communist Party” run-off that basically spends its life running around supporting the corporate world under the guise of “free speech”.

  12. klewso

    Why is so much of the rest of the media so apparently reticent to take these “pet lizards” to task for what they keep doing – bringing down the reputation of the profession they chose to follow? Some misguided “club loyalty”? Look what these moral reprobates, they protect (in their mute acquiescence), have done under that cover.

  13. The_roth

    The point that this journalist does try to make but can’t is that politicians (who by definition are morally bankrupt themselves) WILL seize on this, in Britain, to curb investigation into their corrupt practices.

    Democracy (whatever that is) supposedly thrives in the light, and sadly NOTW, as collateral damage, will in the long run shade the very things that this guy says that a free press is there to do.

  14. Dogs breakfast

    It has long been arguable that Rupert Murdoch is a ‘fit and proper’ person to run a newspaper, let alone a newspaper, TV Channel, subscription service etc all in one city, which is pretty much par for the course in Australia.

    The timeliness of this event in relation to the BskyB bid is exquisite. Something so huge, so grotesque, that even a politician is able to find a spine.

    Now that is a masthead I’d like to see. “Politicians find their spines”

    And in smaller print “Apparently not made of Jelly!”

    Truth, makes fiction look very pallid indeed. Long may this one play.

  15. klewso

    But why “troppo” – with it’s implications of insanity?


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