Jul 11, 2011

Front page wrap: the carbon tax

The front pages of the nation's newspaper are as good a barometer as any to test the waters of the nation's conscious.

Leigh Josey

Crikey production manager

Few political announcements in recent years have received across-the-board coverage to match the federal government's carbon tax unveiled by Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday. Blanket coverage across TV, radio, online and, of course, print. The front pages of the nation's newspaper are as good a barometer as any to test the reaction of the nation's citizens (or the nation's editors at least) to the most significant economic reform we've seen in years. From emotive keywords such as "gamble", "crusade", "sting" and "crunch", to the playful Gold Coast Bulletin's description as the initiative as a "fun tax", the fabric of Australia's print media were woven with a similar message. That is, unless you're the Cairns Post, who chose to run a pictorial story of two sun-bathing crocodiles above the carbon tax announcement. Or the Northern Territory News, who went with a wayward barge instead...

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9 thoughts on “Front page wrap: the carbon tax

  1. shepherdmarilyn

    And we wonder why the people in this country are so frigging dumb.

  2. Fran Barlow

    The Gold Coast Bulletin one is interesting. Describing tax as “fun” is not an adjective one normally sees, and why this tax should lead to more topless bathing by same sex couples remains unclear.

  3. Peter Fuller

    As I read it, the GC Bulletin is using fun as a noun, because the sub-heading appears to say “Carbon scheme to bring more pain to the coast.” The implication (bizarre I know) is that the price on carbon is going to wreck the fun that people have in that questionable paradise.

  4. Johnfromplanetearth

    Any one of those newspapers could have run a headline that read ‘THE LUNATICS ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM’.
    Such political insanity has never been perpetrated by any Australian Government better than the madness that is the Gillard Government.
    Australia is in one hell of a mess!

  5. Fran Barlow

    I was doing a bit of tongue-in-cheek Peter … hmmm … sometimes satire is filtered by the internet …

  6. Sally

    Groan. No wonder people are so uninformed.

  7. Bill Hilliger

    Given the thorougness of the Australian and its related Murdoch mast heads on negative coverage of the Gillard carbon tax issue; one can only assume that soon we will see the same thoroughness in covering the world wide criminal activities of the Rupert Murdoch News organisation. Then again, methinks maybe not, as most of the same front pages belong to the said Murdoch news organisation. Bob Brown is onto something here, there should a thorough scrutiny of the media in this country too. It has been a long time coming and long overdue. As an aside, I loved the irony of presented by an American Fox News interviewer wanting to talk to Rupert about the issues currently facing his busnesses, to which Rupert replied: “I don’t want to talk about that!” the interviewer meekly replied “ok Mr Chairman that fine,” and moved on.

  8. Terry Carlan

    When you do this again with the front pages, for clarity’s sake, could you group the Murdoch Press in a section different from the independent press.

  9. [email protected]

    Bring on the scrutiny of the Murdoch Press worldwide. It has been able to act irresponsibly for too long

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