Jul 10, 2011

Carbon tax: key changes reflect the Greens, Garnaut

There are some key changes from Rudd's CPRS that reflect both the influence of the Greens and Ross Garnaut in its development.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

After the drama and inordinate political cost of abandoning the CPRS, the Government has relied heavily on the Rudd-era scheme in its “Clean Energy Future” proposal that will become Australia’s carbon pricing regime from July 1, 2012.


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3 thoughts on “Carbon tax: key changes reflect the Greens, Garnaut

  1. Stephen

    Given the ever-shrinking focus on the original goal, which I think was something like reducing greenhouse emissions, the mad monk is looking more and more rational calling it a big new tax.

  2. Bo Gainsbourg

    I think this is fascinating. Its a big set of political compromises but the price signal alone was never going to drive abatement adequately. The capacity to improve the price signal down the track and the more sophisticated set of complementary measures as well as a few useful official advisory/governance bodies like those flagged above creates the potential for more economy wide momentum than might immediately be apparent. Its not the model I’d have chosen but I think in a set of key areas it is a significant improvement on the Rudd era CPRS. The compensation for coal is of course a dog but Labor was always going to insist on that…Now lets see if the government implement this property and the MPCCC members can sell it. Abbot has been shrieking about vague concerns for a year or so now he’ll start picking specifics with the assistance of the Rupert’s Raiders. It’s Mr Smugglers and the News Ltd Hacks (Hacking? What Hacking? Ohhhh you mean THAT Hacking!) vs anyone with a rational concern for the future in a cage match for the next two years.

  3. Sean O Finn

    Overall it looks like a good package to start the process of changing our economy so that Polluters start to factor in the true cost to our Nation and the World of their activity. I agree that the handout to the Coal Industry is a joke, the very same industry that saw no reason to pay a realistic price for what are our finite resources been compensated to keep jobs? Why when they and the rest of the Miners are telling us they are crying out for skilled Labor to man the massive boom in Resource Projects. Now lets see if the Government can sell it properly. Some damm good specifically targeted adverts would be a start.

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