Jul 8, 2011

The forgotten victims of the carbon tax, specifically YOU

It would be funny if it wasn't true!

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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46 thoughts on “The forgotten victims of the carbon tax, specifically YOU

  1. paddy

    Bloody hell!! Even the Otter’s gone tits up. šŸ˜€

    BTW That’s an epic cartoon FD. Kudos up!

  2. Holden Back

    Fortunately, I’ve just won a lifetime supply of tiny wax dildoes.
    Yah boo sucks!

  3. Meski

    STF Up … ohhh, yeah

  4. rhwombat

    Thumbs (even otter thumbs) UP!

    (Do otters have thumbs?)

  5. Captain Planet

    at least 6 genuine LOL’s
    STF UP
    Surely the Herald Sun doesn’t just make shit UP
    Houses for Sugar Elves EXEMPT
    Poop & Dildoes Up

    Good one Dog

  6. Queen of Nambour

    well thank goodness somebody is able to make perfect sense of it all. thank you Mr FDOTM …I can go back to sequins and spray tan on Sunday night and give the whole address to the nation thingy the kissoff!

  7. Buzz

    Newsgroup breakup covers-up cock-up. F*ckups!

  8. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    so much work in this, so much love šŸ™‚

  9. Venise Alstergren

    Just love ‘tickets ex Gillardistan-up”. To which I can only reply….Burqas up? Wonderful FD, just wonderful.

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