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Jul 8, 2011

The forgotten victims of the carbon tax, specifically YOU

It would be funny if it wasn't true!



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46 thoughts on “The forgotten victims of the carbon tax, specifically YOU

  1. paddy

    Bloody hell!! Even the Otter’s gone tits up. 😀

    BTW That’s an epic cartoon FD. Kudos up!

  2. Holden Back

    Fortunately, I’ve just won a lifetime supply of tiny wax dildoes.
    Yah boo sucks!

  3. Meski

    STF Up … ohhh, yeah

  4. rhwombat

    Thumbs (even otter thumbs) UP!

    (Do otters have thumbs?)

  5. Captain Planet

    at least 6 genuine LOL’s
    STF UP
    Surely the Herald Sun doesn’t just make shit UP
    Houses for Sugar Elves EXEMPT
    Poop & Dildoes Up

    Good one Dog

  6. Queen of Nambour

    well thank goodness somebody is able to make perfect sense of it all. thank you Mr FDOTM …I can go back to sequins and spray tan on Sunday night and give the whole address to the nation thingy the kissoff!

  7. Buzz

    Newsgroup breakup covers-up cock-up. F*ckups!

  8. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    so much work in this, so much love 🙂

  9. Venise Alstergren

    Just love ‘tickets ex Gillardistan-up”. To which I can only reply….Burqas up? Wonderful FD, just wonderful.

  10. Burgey

    Wonderful. So very, very good.

  11. Simon

    i am genuinely feeling a bit hysterical after reading that comic (or was it the poisonous cake i just ate? )

  12. Holden Back

    @Buzz Page Three Tits Up in a ditch? Never.

  13. klewso

    As an not uninterested party – what about erections?
    Or do I have to keep going to the chemist?

  14. klewso

    Cousin Jethro – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – Bottom’s up?

  15. mattsui

    This is surely THE BEST cartoon ever.
    Did the cake lady really appear in a newspaper somewhere? (if so please link)
    Or was she totally made UP!

  16. drmick

    I remember this FD.
    Keatings “C**t in the cakeshop” during an election campaign and Hewsons tragic inability to explain the GST as it applied to a cake.
    This is Julias Green and Yellowcake tax.

    So knucklehead wants equal time to explain this big new tax. I think they should give it to him. He can only make a fool of himself and the longer they give him the bigger dickhead he becomes.

  17. Bo Gainsbourg

    budgie smugglers UP at the back?

  18. Andrew L

    Tiny Wax Dildos caused another FD-induced asthma attack and rightly so.

  19. Andrew Roberts

    I think I can handle a life with a carbon tax. A life without Mr Dog may be more difficult

  20. Sean Doyle

    @Mattsui: It’s real. It’s from today’s Hun but I can’t find an online version.

  21. Barry 09

    What’s ( WATTS ) UP ?

  22. Sandshoe

    Something something peri peri UP? That’s over the top.

  23. Dan Gulberry

    Oops, there is a typo in the top panel.

    It states “Gerry Harvey Up”

    It should read “Up Gerry Harvey”.

    Payment for my editing services can be made to my usual bank account in Liechtenstein.

  24. Gregor Hall

    Ayup first dog

  25. fractious

    Brilliant. Word UP.

    BTW seagulls already get 25% of my chips, do I get a rebate?

  26. Venise Alstergren

    Last year he told us where he was going. Ummmmm

  27. zut alors

    It looks like Firsty had the smart idea ie: to take cover after the carbon policy was announced.

    Are there others in the Dogonaut Lounge already overdosed with policy analysis? But it will be a treat to watch Mr Rabbott promising to rescind benefits to pensioners and low income earners in the leadup to the next election, I can’t wait for that.

  28. Venise Alstergren

    Can any of my fellow Dogonauts please tell me if Rebecka (NotW) Brookes really does have all that hair? My own hair is so fine that it almost doesn’t make a pony tail. Not having been treated well on the follicular front, I’m always consumed with interest about luxuriant hair growth.

    Does she, or does she not, use hair extensions? Help!

  29. Roland Porath

    not tuesdays…. please….! anything…. just not tuesdays.

  30. Andrew L

    Venise: The Rebecka hair – “Medusa”?

  31. fractious

    Roland – Tuesdays??? Noes, I fergot ta Read The Fine Print!!1! I’m rooned, RUNED… (exits stage left, bawling).

  32. drmick

    She must have eaten all her crust as a child to get all that curly hair.

  33. Sandshoe

    I saw a forgettable film about three young women who work in a pizza parlour. Julia Roberts’ hair in it was so curly. Thick crust pizzas.

  34. JamesG

    Will the price of Crikey go Up? I bet there’s a lot of methane generated as a byproduct of office ffffflatulence in that office.

  35. Sandshoe

    I blundered into this Tuesday, regardless higher compared with last week, even took the Tuesday bus trip to Naracoorte. Innocent was I. Since I did that on the occasion previous ( I mentioned), it had indeed gone up 20 cents. The Dog is a soothsayer. :devil:

  36. Venise Alstergren

    ANDREW: Don’t you think she has more hair than a Cashmere sweater? She sure looks like she was attacked by all the red snakes on the planet and a brace of builder’s ladders, to boot. Significant observation….all her sculptors give her a red hot body as well. No wonder Ares, Perseus, couldn’t look at her in the flesh and had to carry a bloody great mirror. This would cripple ones chances of getting in an accurate slash.

    DRMICK: My beautiful Corsican Grandmother swore I would end up with long, gorgeous and curly hair. So I dutifully chomped through fields of bread crusts. In fact it is fine, exactly as it has always looked and would make a poker look bent.

    Cheers fellow Dogonauts.

  37. Andrew L

    A toxic Gorgon and Rupert’s “Number One Priority” – his words – not mine

  38. rubiginosa

    In flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.

  39. Sandshoe

    As well as the horrendous life in detention centres, today’s Vintage First Dog (To, the Austrialian Government) recalls for me recent comment publicised on the ABC (from The Drum) that Stephen Smith could stand for PM and his hair for Treasurer. Including the Kevin Rudd’s Cat appurtenance. 😀

  40. Sandshoe

    But is it a misplaced merkin, an adaptation, an extension or all of the above AND Jasper clawing his way UP? 😯

  41. plonk oclock

    Still suffering. For motorcycles, it’s shiny side UP..

  42. Venise Alstergren

    Oh what a sad and sorry world it be
    without the presence of F and D.

  43. zut alors

    Does anyone here have inside info on how long Firsty is off the leash? Please let it only be for this week.

  44. Andrew L

    Withdrawal symptoms 🙁

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