Overington blog: now taking your comments. Caroline Overington's media blog on The Australian website has always been a one-way affair. While other Australian bloggers happily mingle among their readers, and her editor has urged her to do the same, Overington has maintained a blackout on comments. "Until I'm convinced that posting comments without real names and contact details is a good idea, I won’t be posting any," she wrote last year.

So we were surprised and pleased to see some comments had slipped through her impenetrable filter this week. Two comments have appeared on a post about Monica Attard leaving the ABC ("Can she take Chris Uhlmann, Melissa Clarke and Madonna King with her?" wrote "Douglas") and The Oz's "jubilant" hiring of Gideon Haigh ("I’ll be buying the Oz much more often from now on," said "Rob").

So are "Douglas" and "Rob" known to the diarist? Or did media editor Stephen Brook finally get his way? Either way, we're glad Caroline has joined the two-way web. -- Jason Whittaker