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Jul 5, 2011

This is what they do

The News of the World hacking scandal just picked on the wrong person. Not rich, not powerful, not political, not privileged, not public. A murdered British schoolgirl.


Michael Wolff, June 20, AdWeek:

“…this really appears to be an unstoppable thing.

“First, they did it. Boy, did they do it. And then they tried to cover it up. Oh, and it turns out they documented it, too. And then there is the hard-core, bedrock, long-oppressed, anti-Murdoch faction in the UK, suddenly armed with a mighty weapon: a scandal, into its third year, that drips out week after week. There doesn’t seem like any going back to an invulnerable Rupert.”

He’s referring to the News of the World phone hacking scandal. It was unstoppable back then, but not enough to stop Murdoch finally getting the green light from the British government to pursue full ownership of BSkyB.

Hacking hundreds of phones of the rich and powerful in a clear and breathtaking breach of civil liberties may not have been enough to increase public pressure on British politicians, but now … well, if Wolff thought this story was unstoppable before. This scandal just picked on the wrong person.

A 13-year-old, to be precise. Not rich, not powerful, not political, not privileged, not public. A murdered British schoolgirl.

We’re not talking about Sienna Miller any more.

Wolff wrote back in June: “Hacking is not at all an aberration, or a what-were-they-thinking error of judgment and strategy, but an expression of the company’s fundamental identity: it’s not just that they did it, but, more importantly, this is what they do.”

Hack missing 13-year-olds’ accounts. Jeopardise police investigations. Destroy potential evidence. Give false hope to families. The same family who granted a full interview to News of the World at the time of their daughter’s disappearance in a bid to publicise her plight, all the while ignorant of the fact the paper was listening in on their daughter’s phone.

This is what they do.


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14 thoughts on “This is what they do

  1. Barry 09

    How low can rupert go ? seems the bar is on the ground now. Lower than a rattle snakes penis. This is the mob that wants Australia’s International News CONtract ?

  2. SusieQ

    I guess there is no hope that people will stop buying ghastly newspapers like NOW?? As Barry 09 has said, how low can you go?

  3. Meski

    Lulz, please come back, we’ve got a job for you…

  4. michael crook

    But our own ABC Breakfast quotes from the News Ltd front pages every day as if they were holy writ.

  5. Malcolm Street

    Read the linked Grauniad article – holy sh*t!!! As if there were any doubts about the ruthlessness, cynicism and irresponsibility of News Limited.

    NOW’s conduct IMHO is getting into “attempting to pervert the course of justice” territory.

    As for morality – re. NOW clearing the messages, apart from being destruction of police evidence, “this had a devastating effect: when her friends and family called again and discovered that her voicemail had been cleared, they concluded that this must have been done by Milly herself and, therefore, that she must still be alive. But she was not. The interference created false hope and extra agony for those who were misled by it.”


    “The Dowler family then granted an exclusive interview to the News of the World in which they talked about their hope, quite unaware that it had been falsely kindled by the newspaper’s own intervention”

    And NOW was quite happy to take up their offer and not mention their role in giving them false hope.

    Words fail me…

    And this is the organisation that owns 70% of Australia’s major newspapers…

  6. SusieQ

    Yes, I can highly recommend the Graniad article too – it will make your blood boil !!!!

  7. drmick

    I have been saying since the Tea Party crap; dont for second think that limited news havent been doing the same thing here.

    They have all the pollies by the short and curlies because they can blackmail them. How else can he get SKB in England? Or even have the gall to run thenon stop personal rubbish against the primem miniter and the biased rubbish against this government and then expect to get our AINC.
    F**k Him and all the vicious toxic vermin he feeds.

  8. zut alors

    The Guardian link is nothing short of extraordinary.

    Governments continue to grant more and more rope to News Ltd – hopefully, one day soon there will be enough to hang the organisation.

    I’d like to think the Dowler scandal would bring this to fruition but perhaps am being too optimistic.

  9. drmick

    Zut it is scary.
    Like all the worst case scenario movies rolled into one; except this is for real.
    More tentacles that you can count and none of them to benefit anyone other than he and his shareholders.
    Well thats what comes of your global economy; you get global terrorism in the guise of education information as “fair and balanced as i decide” citizen.

  10. SusieQ

    What I would like to see happen is that instead of accepting a settlement, someone actually runs a case in court over the phone tapping, so that all the relevant people involved are called to give evidence in this murky affair.

  11. zut alors

    Have they really gone as low as they can go? To my knowledge they haven’t robbed graves yet. Just a matter of time.

  12. klewso

    Then, this is the mob running an “embarrassment campaign” on “(Labor) Government Waste” – with an election in mind, and opinions to influence?
    How much their own mob could have saved, observing normal morality – instead of acting as if such things don’t apply to them?

  13. Daniel

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s revealed Rupert Murdoch kidnapped Madeline McCann and has her held in an undisclosed location somewhere.

  14. john2066

    Murdoch monkeys are animals!

    Thats it. No more government advertising for the Australian. zero. zip. Taxpayers have to say, enough is enough, not one dollar for this filth!

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