Kids and violent video games are a hot topic for politicians in many countries but in the US attempts to ban the sale of such games to young people just got a whole lot harder. The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that a Californian law designed to prohibit the sale of violent video games is a breach of the right to freedom of speech -- the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Interestingly it was the conservatives on the court who led the charge in striking down the law.

Brown versus Entertainment Merchants Association looked at a 2005 law that imposed fines for sales of games to minors and that required labelling on games deemed to be violent. The law defined "violent video games" as being those that depict human beings or beings possessing substantially human characteristics being killed, maimed, dismembered or s-xually assaulted. The law said that violent video games lead to an increased likelihood of "violent antisocial or aggressive behavior" and "psychological harm" in minors.