One year on from that night, and the government’s polls are more poisonous than ever. But one key player, who hasn’t got nearly enough credit in all the gory, entrail-like imagery doing the rounds this week — Mr Abbott — ain’t exactly Mr Popularity either. After all, he’s only  just edged over the line for preferred PM, despite the coalition’s huge 2PP lead.

All of which tells us the same old thing: the Australian public loathes its politicians. Why?

Yesterday, 11am: Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey tweets this teaser:

@JoeHockey: The ghost of @KRuddMP is making guest appearances all day today the first anniversary of his political assasination…where will he be next?

Wait for it — tee hee — Hockey’s people then set about putting a cardboard Rudd around Parliament House…

@KRuddMP dropped into my office to say hi.

And so it goes…

@JoeHockey This morning @KRuddMP visited China.

@JoeHockey Then @KRuddMP decided to drop in to say hi to his friends at the Indonesian embassy.

@JoeHockey After a long day of travel @KRuddMP decides it is time for a rest at Aussie’s in Parliament House

It keeps going, all day and into the evening in fact, but we can’t be bothered.

Here’s a free hint to any politician chasing some respect from their voters: don’t do comedy. Voters expect their local member’s office to at least pretend to be preoccupied with the business of government. Save for question time, of course.



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Editor Sophie Black and Crikey‘s Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane looked back at the one-year anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s axing as prime minister at the hands of his own party.

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