Jun 24, 2011

Coup anniversary: where are they now?

Paul Barry and Matthew Knott look back at the main players in the Night of the Long Knives: where are they now?

Yesterday Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane and senior journalist Paul Barry drew a portrait of a man at the height of enormous power, and how quickly Kevin Rudd’s base was eroded by his own hand. When Rudd’s public popularity collapsed, so too did his prime ministership …Today Paul Barry and Matthew Knott look back at the main players who featured in the downfall of a Prime Minister and chart the year since that pivotal 24 hours.

Bill Shorten

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22 thoughts on “Coup anniversary: where are they now?

  1. Steve Grant

    Just a thought – did anyone ask John Faulkner whether he was the Cabinet leaker who dumped on Gillard last year? Faulkner quit in the first week of July and about a week later the first leak hit the headlines. Everyone was busy trying to nail Rudd, but his staunch and furious ally Faulkner would have been the more obvious candidate. But I’ve never seen any denials or even speculation reported.

  2. klewso

    Did you mean to make Karl Bizar sound like “Alan Harper”?

  3. CML

    So, I guess the dirt on all the LNP lunatics will be aired next week??? And pigs might fly then as well….!!!
    Crikey – you can’t go around bashing up Limited News (even though they richly deserve it) for one-sided reporting, then want to be taken seriously when you do it.
    I am over the whole Labor/Rudd/Gillard examination of entrails. I think Rudd should have remained PM. He didn’t. So the whole damn lot of them can suffer the consequences which I believe will be annihilation at the next election. Trouble is, we the voters get the worst deal – Mr. rAbbott and his motley crew.

  4. Son of foro

    “Did you mean to make Karl Bizar sound like “Alan Harper”?”

    He sounds more like Alan Partridge to me.

  5. Barbara Boyle

    Thanks for the run down on the coup-ers. May we look forward to regular updates on their activities,.

  6. botswana bob

    To coin a phrase its deja vu all over again. On assassination day the polliepaths are telling us how ab fab is Julia Caesar, whilst carrying on thuging, scheming and plotting. Lets hope after the next election–which looks like an ALP Waterloo–many will be faced with finding Real jobs.

  7. Tom McLoughlin

    Oh come on, the coup-ers were all in corporate board rooms and tv advertising phone conferences. This is not about the coup. It is about the monkeys. We need to read about the organ grinder who made the tune. BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue, and the rest. And their favoured monkey – Martin Ferguson.

    These hacks above were the servants of Big Capital, the biggest being the multinational miners, with not so Big Politics simply adjusting their sail to the prevailing winds, and replacing the helmsman to implement the change in tax policy direction.

    When indeed will we get an inside account of the BILLIONS of dollars of tax minimisation, if not avoidance/fraud, by the Big Miners over the super profits tax?

    Not for nothing has totalitarianism being subdivided into communist and corporate hegemony, by such as the Pope and others (ironic coming from the roman church regime, they should know about hierarchy). Morally as suspect as the other for their hierarchical oppression of the genuine public interest, subversives for their special executive overpaid interests, and institutional share holders.

    I know. It will never be written and never be acknowledged. Corporate fascism? Money politics?

    You bet. Keep voting g/Green if you believe in freedom from this tyranny of sly money politics.

  8. AR

    I have printed this list and stuck it on my wall. I shall enjoy adding to it as they, inevitably, inexorably compound their crimes against decency – a leopard doesn’t change its shorts.

  9. Frank Campbell

    This account is a precis of “Power Without Glory”: ambitious Alpha males. Useful, but to understand the incestuous coteries of the political/media class and their intimate links to corporations, we need Jane Austen. (Occasionally Crikey publishes lists of “relationships”, but these are never sustained or amplified.)

    Much is on the public record. This from the “Sunday Telegraph” (2008) on Bill Shorten:
    “Labor MP Bill Shorten has left his wife for the daughter of Kevin Rudd’s newly appointed Governor-General, Quentin Bryce.

    (He) separated from his wife, Deborah Beale, in the past month and is understood to be in a relationship with Chloe Bryce.

    Mr Shorten, who was formerly the Australian Workers’ Union national secretary, has been touted as a future Labor leader for several years…

    …Mr Shorten and Ms Bryce have been friends for at least a year.

    The pair had dinner together at Quentin Bryce’s residence in Brisbane on September 5, 2007, when she was Queensland Governor, according to a Vice-Regal notice in Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper.

    “In the evening, the Governor received the call of Ms Chloe Bryce-Parkin and Mr Bill Shorten,” the notice states.

    Mr Shorten then went on to become elected as the Member for Maribyrnong at the federal election and thanked his wife, Deborah, in the maiden speech he delivered in February this year, four months after visiting the now-Governor General with Ms Bryce-Parkin.

    “Above all others – and I can say this on Valentine’s Day – I thank my wife, Deb Beale, an endlessly intelligent, supportive and loving woman,” he said.

    “I knew this instantly from my first outing, when she agreed to visit a picket line with me.”

    He also thanked his parents-in-law, Julian and Felicity Beale.

    Mr Shorten was one of five MPs invited to attend the September ceremony where Ms Quentin Bryce was sworn in as the 25th Governor-General of Australia.

    Chloe Bryce attended the ceremony, with her two children, Georgette and Rupert, from her marriage to architect Roger Parkin.

    Mr Parkin’s works include a house he designed for the late Beatle George Harrison on Hamilton Island and the Hamilton Island resort itself…

    …Ms Bryce, who works as a media consultant for Cement Australia, did not return calls yesterday.
    Deborah Beale and Bill Shorten were considered a power couple in the Labor Party.

    They met while studying for their MBAs.

    Ms Beale, whose father Julian Beale is a wealthy Melbourne investor and former federal Liberal MP, was a powerful political asset for Mr Shorten.

    She provided a strong link to the corporate world through her father’s friendship with multi-millionaire businessman Richard Pratt.

    Mr Pratt flew Mr Shorten back to Australia from the UnitedStates on his private plane when the Beaconsfield mine disaster occurred in 2006.

    Mr Shorten’s role representing workers during the Beaconsfield tragedy significantly raised the former union leader’s public profile.

    “Ms Beale was well regarded by the Labor Party and well-connected in corporate areas,” one source said.

    “Everyone thought they were the Princess Diana and the Prince of the party.”

    Mr Shorten formerly dated and lived with current Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon, who is understood to speak highly of her new parliamentary colleague.”

    This tells us more about the manipulation and distribution of power than the Knott/Barry thumbnails. There’s Mrs Shorten II’s role as “media consultant” to Cement Australia, which invokes possible carbon grief (cement being wickedly implicated in CO2 emissions). Then there’s the Pratt connection, which facilitated Shorten’s rise from anonymous political pastry to media tart at the Beaconsfield mine collapse.
    The role of the ubiquitous MBA is also instructive…

    Labour’s angst about loss of direction and membership, its empty ideological shell and inclusion into the corporate state need a wider sociological analysis. Jane Austen can help explain why the light on the hill went out.

  10. Suzanne

    That incident has permanently damaged the ALP brand, as witnessed in the polls to a certain extent.

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