Jun 23, 2011

Hanson hoaxer speaks out: and the trail leads to… Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse could hold the key to the motivation behind Pauline Hanson email forger Sean Castle.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Mickey Mouse could hold the key to the motivation behind Pauline Hanson email forger Sean Castle, with an exclusive interview revealing the Glendenning teacher is influenced by a body of thought associated with an eccentric lobby group convinced Australia’s voting system is corrupt.

Speaking to the media for the first time since admitting to the ruse in the NSW Supreme Court ten days ago, Castle revealed his supreme mistrust of the electoral system — one possible motivation for the stunt purporting to shine a light on the internal processes of the NSW Electoral Commission.

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21 thoughts on “Hanson hoaxer speaks out: and the trail leads to… Mickey Mouse

  1. rossco

    Castle? Rattner? Ratter?
    I assume these are all the one person with aliases.

  2. ggm

    Albert Langer come back! We need some balance in this right-shifted debate on voting process…

  3. Jim Reiher

    “Hanson’s legal bill of around $100,000 is expected to be absorbed by the taxpayer.” – WHY? would anyone else get the same act of grace? She initiated the action based on unconfirmed contacts…. why would we cover her costs?

  4. tony huddy

    So let me get this straight. Sean Castle is a fundamentalist Christian who is concerned about widespread voter fraud. In the absence of actual evidence of election fraud, he fraudulently created emails implying election fraud, in order to possibly alter the election outcome, which would be (I assume) election fraud.

    That’s a whole lot of awesomeness right there.

  5. Greig White

    Sorry to be pedantic but…
    “Hanson’s principle barrister Peter Lowe…”
    …is surely an oxymoron?

  6. kate

    @Tony, it fits perfectly with the fundie MO.

    First: create your “truth”
    Then: manufacture the “facts”

  7. geomac

    I can think of no reason where Hanson and her legal team should be let off lightly. To proceed to court without having had personal meetings with the alleged informant is beyond belief. I think of watergate and deepthroat where info was given and revealed. It was left to the administration to refute that information which in the end brought down a president. Check , check and check again then publish for the public good. Everyone involved in this farce has been doing it for their own advancement. This Castle fellow has to pay for fraud , Hanson for frivolous court action and her legal team for complying to her request. Incompetence gets bandied around a lot these days without foundation but this deserves that term.

  8. klewso

    Pity Hanson’s legal bill couldn’t be made a “Pass to Castle”?

    (“Labor”, “pagan”, “miscreant”, “heretic” – to some fundamentalists, with a particular political barrow to push, and funding to protect, seem interchangeable)

  9. Clytie

    I am also puzzled as to why we should pay for this guy’s deliberate deception and Pauline Hanson’s greed and incompetence. Why is this our responsibility?

    Regarding the electoral rolls, I thought you needed a birth certificate or passport to enrol. You do have to prove ID. Since the AEC has a central database, you can’t enrol under the same name with the same DOB/ID more than once, no matter where you are. After an election, that same central database is updated with details of who voted where. So how can you vote more than once, and how can you enrol in two places or enrol if you don’t exist?

    As to the constant bombarding of the electoral commissions by this conspiracy group, surely there’s a penalty for vexatious claims, and a provision for the commissions to ignore repeated claims by a person or group shown to be vexatious?

  10. Grinder

    He is wrong about the electoral roll. Your name is crossed off the complete roll when you vote at the polling place. I’m not sure if it is done every time, but the rolls from each polling place in an electorate can be scanned and if someone’s name is crossed off from two separate rolls, it can be detected easily. I’m sure if there was a close result and fraud was widely alleged, it would be pretty easy to check out.

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