Tips and rumours

Jun 22, 2011

Tips and rumours

Serious IT breach at the ABC. Bitcoins, as Crikey explain

Serious IT breach at the ABC. Bitcoins, as Crikey explained on Monday, is an online-only currency system quickly increasing in value. And one ABC staffer has apparently cashed in, in a serious IT breach Crikey understands is being investigated by the national broadcaster. An ABC insider takes up the intriguing story:


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4 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. paddy

    [In other words, if you visited the ABC website, this program connected to your computer without your knowledge or permission and used it to help create money/currency for this individual for his own private profit.]

    I realise we’re only talking tips and rumours, but this statement just doesn’t add up.
    Are you saying that the ABC website was downloading malware onto visitors computers?
    Please explain!

  2. Barry 09

    Is the ABC going to pay for a geek to remove this from my computer ??????

  3. david mckinnon

    Do we know exactly what information was accessed by the ABC staff member?What access by the individual to the ABC site was involved – browsing the news page or watching a program, or both? Did he have free access to all the hard drive? Was it a key-logger? Some other sort of Malware?

    If the Tip/Rumour is true then there are a lot of serious questions to be asked and potentially a police investigation. Should this all be proven then one would assume that Mr. Scott would resign

  4. Barry Brannan

    Installing software on ABC’s internal computers is one thing … but client computers is on a whole other level. Malware might be one way but surely someone would have detected that by now. Perhaps he hacked Flash plugin code so web browsers mine for bitcoin while playing iView?

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