Jun 22, 2011

Mitchell and The Oz (part II): ‘it’s now war’ with the government

Several people close to The Australian say the paper is looking strident on many fronts. And as government tensions escalate one declares "it's now war". Crikey continues its profile of the national broadsheet under editor Chris Mitchell.

Andrew Dodd

Media lecturer and journalist

Blood pressure was boiling at The Australian last month. Respected Melbourne reporter Cameron Stewart was sitting on a scoop about problems with Australia’s largest defence contract and the time had come to put some tough questions to the government. But Canberra wasn’t playing the game.


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41 thoughts on “Mitchell and The Oz (part II): ‘it’s now war’ with the government

  1. Pete from Sydney

    There was a strong suspicion that campaign… “Is that the truth, or did you read it in the Herald Sun?” was born down at Spencer Street…

  2. Michael Harvey

    An apology from the Australian to our only politician with balls and integrity, Bob Brown, would be a first step in admitting that the editor in chief is wrong about climate change, in particular the role of CO2 in the acidification of the oceans and the impact on the food chain. What a disgrace this newspaper is.

  3. david

    [The Australian’s editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell told Crikey the Defence Minister apologised to Stewart, ]

    In your dreams Mitchell. There is no way on Gods earth Minister Smith would stoop to apologise to your rag. He has too much integrity and honesty to say or do anything that would require an apology to the likes of you and most of your unprofessional yobo jurnos

  4. Mort

    The Australian is just the Liberal party’s newsletter these days.

  5. Moz

    Steve Lewis on integrity. It can only be a matter of time before he reveals the Julia Gillard Order of Lenin.

  6. klewso

    I think this government’s got a damned cheek – after all isn’t the country run on “Murdoch Time”?

  7. deconst

    The bias of the Australian is well-documented. What isn’t strongly analysed is how the Australian claims they are only applying “scrutiny” and thus their biased reporting of the Greens should be welcomed. I’d like some good reporting showing how empty such claims of “scrutiny” are.

  8. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    “He’s one of the outstanding editors in Australia,” Lewis said. “He really wanted The Australian to stand for something.”

    Here’s a thought for the geniuses at the Oz. How about The Australian stands for truth, justice and (for the heck of it) the Australian Way – rather than placating Chris Mitchell’s personal demons? That’s what the readers expect, don’t they? To be precise, that’s what the remaining readers expect.

    Seriously, his vendetta against Bob Brown, and Manning Clark before that, is as obsessive as any UFOlogist camping outside Area 51 with a Geiger counter in his hand.

    By the way, that Herald Sun line’s now become “Is that the truth, or is your News Limited?”

  9. klewso

    Where was Steve Lewis when he was giving that glowing character reference? Sitting in the back of a ute?

  10. klewso

    There’s “scrutiny” and then there’s “screwtiny”.

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