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Jun 21, 2011



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37 thoughts on “Public Relations and You: The Unpleasant Truth

  1. Rosemary Milburn

    Game of Thrones is worthy of succumbing to the TV Remote Control/Couch umbrella group.

  2. michael matusik

    what no blue wren on the table – a missed opportunity FD

  3. paddy

    Some dogs are clearly never satisfied!! Small paycheck indeed! 😀

    Clasped in the warm caress of the Doona conspiracy, watching the season finale of Game of Thrones……and *THEN* being feted with vegemite toast and tea…..!! 😀 😀

    I think I’ll succumb to the chuck a sickie brigade and join you. 😎

  4. Stevo the Working Twistie

    FDOTM – You’ve just written my biography there. The only difference today was that, unbeknownst to me, the Association of People Who Tidy Up had removed Big Towel, leaving me to deal with either Tiny Flannel or the League of Cold Wet Streakers.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    To think of the obscene amount of money lobbyists command I hope they fare a lot worse. The Bunion Association of the Lesser Bruney Island Co-operative; the Society Against Hot Air in Bread, (patents following); The Royal Society for the perpetuation of periwinkles in Australia and the Taliban/Catholic Society for the Prevention of Women from entering the Public Service would be fates worse than death.

  6. Ern Malleys cat

    A spokescat for the EMC Institute today came out and declared that First Dog On The Moon had today “done a good cartoon”.

  7. Holden Back

    What no vests, interested or otherwise?

  8. SBH

    driven into action (and out of the influence of the sleep consortium) by Builders on the roff protest lobby. Small but noisy and effective. God I hate being middle class.

  9. Crispy

    Yes, yes, lovely cartoon and all that. Now the important stuff: has ‘Game of Thrones’ started on Foxtel already and I missed the first ep? Or are you all evil piratey bittorrent Nazis as I suspect?

  10. plonk oclock

    The secretary of the Yarralumla Viticulturists and Victuallers Co-operative wish to advise members that the chairman and all monies and tangible assets have disappeared without trace. Again.

  11. Andrew L

    I support The Cup of Tea Coalition as a bulwark (is that a word?) against The Tea Party…

  12. Venise Alstergren

    I appeal to my fellow Dogonauts, who are knowledgeable on such matters-and they are many-to inform me as to why the majority on the Opposition benches in the House of Reps are sporting a blue flower in their lapels? Is it to prove their ‘true blue status; a rite of passage; or has iron bar Tuckey changed his cosmic address?

  13. Venise Alstergren

    PS: Or are they celebrating the shortest day (21 June)?

  14. drmick

    Just starting to snow in Leura. Very lovely.

  15. plonk oclock

    Something to do with amytrophic lateral sclerosis?? Is it a cornflower?

  16. paddy

    Ahhh…thanks @Plonk. It is indeed a cornflower. The whole business was driving me crazy.

  17. drmick

    It may be because they Blew any credibility they had when they voted for knuclehead over the perfumed traf.

  18. klewso

    So why didn’t he get around to attending our Procrastinator’s Annual Generalised Meeting – we deserve a sort of voice too?

  19. Bam Stroker

    In the next instalment can he be visited by Tyrion Lannister in a dream? That would be awesome.

  20. paddy

    Now then @Crispy. Jealousy doesn’t become you. 😀
    We are actually members of an elite lobby focus group.
    Chosen to “vet” TV programming for the hoi polloi. 😎

  21. leone

    Crispy – relax, it starts next month. Not all of us are evil piratey bittorrent Nazis, some of us can wait for the good stuff.

  22. Venise Alstergren

    PLONK & PADDY: Thankee kindly, I knew someone here would know the answer but amytrophic lateral sclerosis is what, and why a cornflower?

  23. paddy

    Venise, google “als cornflower”. (It’s another name for motor neuron disease)

  24. Crispy

    Thank you Leone. I will now entertain a motion to stop sulking and hyperventilating.

  25. Venise Alstergren

    PADDY: You are a gem! I’m so hoi polloi I don’t even have Foxtel. It started as a protest against Ruptured Rupert, then the last time I was in South America I saw what I was missing and was delighted I didn’t have it. 🙂 😎 😈 😉

  26. Barry 09

    Venise , Rupert is giving it away and still cannot get people to buy his trash. I too try not to give any money to Rupert.

  27. Sandshoe

    I spent a lot of time today grappling with Giving the Place a Good Going Over to the Sound of Music Logistics. A friend in Adelaide telephoned. He claimed it’s freeeezing. Freeeezing, he repeated.

    No, I said, not here in Bordertown and we chatted half an hour. ‘Bye I said and he too. I returned to GTPAGGOTTSML. With initial hardship. I was Freeeeeeezing. Bright Sun fooled me shining fit to burst after Wild Storm r-r-r-rocked The Town last night. Lovely.

    By way, Firsty, so excellent. 😀

  28. Sandshoe

    VENISE: I have moved address just ’round corner to a delightful furnished cottage. It has a television. Yes, I had my doubts. I had gotten accustomed to four ABC channels via Little Laptop. Rarely anything to watch. My productivity soared.

    Last few evenings, I have had a gander through the ‘new’ channels, an expansion to three commercial stations. Lawdy, more ghoulish music and more dead bodies. It’s a diet for a vampire. 😀 😳 😎 :devil:

  29. rhwombat

    Venise & Paddy: The cornflower is a bit corny, but MND is a bugger of a disease. Abstruse fact: the most well-known sufferer is the blessed Stephen Hawking of the talking wheelchair, who actually has a totally different syndrome (spinocerebellar degeneration), but is now too famous for having NMS to change the meme, despite the fact that he’s lived three times longer than anyone else with it.

  30. Venise Alstergren

    BARRY: We may be a minority but we vote by our principles. 😎 😉 🙂

    ‘SHOE: Round the corner from where you’ve been these past, is it eight months? How lovely to find a furnished cottage. Immediately the term conjures up somewhere warm and cosy, an open fire, birds yarping in the morning, cattle or a horse in the paddock near the herb garden, and a Hills Hoist for the magpies to sit on? Or does my imagination run riot?

  31. plonk oclock

    Shoe, you had better describe the bleak square of concrete that passes for a back yard, and the relentless freeway traffic, HOG neighbours and conceal the lemon-scented gum, cosy little open fire place, the rhododendrons, and the view over the park on the way to the corner shop, to avoid doggy squatters demanding a room..

  32. Venise Alstergren

    PLONK: Don’t shatter my little illusions. Purlese 🙂 😎 😉

  33. Mike Jones

    ‘Shoe, congrats on the new digs. ANd Doggonauts thanks for some hilarious comments to another Firsty first.

    I’m off to a meeting of the “WTF Are We Doing Up When We Could Be Sleeping” Coalition of the Unwilling – Inner West Cyberia Chapter. Boring as, but somebody has to take minutes.

  34. Sandshoe

    Venise, five months at that address. I have to tell you the new buyer is totally excellent and we spent my last night and her first in it. Historic. We had a moving-in and moving-out party traipsing back and forth with belongings and finished with a hot shower, got into our jim jams and had a hot cuppa and a Baileys at 3.30am in front of a log fire.

    The new address recalls for me the ‘sense’ of the home my grandparents and family ‘built’ in Brisbane when they migrated from Scotland in the 20s. The new landlord is so kind, considerate and did I mention generous. 😳

    Plonk, v good advice . I do have to be careful to not get doggy hair on the landlord’s excellent lounge. Tho’ the yard does go all round the house like it did round the bungalow of my childhood, for your benefit as you live in that neighborhood … see where there is now a kindergarten. 😀

    Mike J: Atcha!

  35. Venise Alstergren

    WOMBAT: That is indeed a most horrible disease. Shudder, shudder.

    SHOE: I’m delighted to read your good news. I feel you’ll be v happy there.

  36. Venise Alstergren

    PS: Shoe, I remember you mentioning your Scottish grandparents in the comments after my Indian adventure. 🙂 😈 😎 🙂

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