GhostWhoVotes reports the latest quarterly state Newspoll for South Australia offers Labor something they have become unaccustomed to: a result less bad than the last. The Liberal two-party lead is now at 54-46, down from 56-44 last time, from primary votes of 30 per cent for Labor (up one), 40 per cent for Liberal (down two) and 14 per cent for the Greens (steady). Mike Rann has partly closed the yawning gap between him and Isobel Redmond as preferred premier, now trailing 34-45 rather than 32-50. However, his personal ratings are little changed: 31 per cent approve (up one), 59 per cent disapprove (steady). Redmond’s ratings, logically enough, have weakened: approval down one to 51 per cent, disapproval up four to 29 per cent.

UPDATE: Full tables from GhostWhoVotes.