Here at Crickey we still love Climate Scientists even though all of the lies they tell and their CONSPIRACY against HUMANITY with their attempts to GENOCIDE the human race with GREEN EUGENICS.

Putting the TRUTH aside for a moment, everyone needs a hug even pawns of the UNITED NATIONS. And when we all celebrated Hug A Climate Scientist Day last week there was much hugging action and perhaps just a little bit less climate science for a moment or two but that is OK everyone gets to take a break occasionally even if they are TRYING TO SAVE/DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

We asked YOU the READER to send to US HERE AT CRIKEY scientific proof of actual hugging of Climate Scientists/Warmenists/and/or/Pets and the best ones would win COOTY NOTES and some of you did. In fact all of you did. If your photo appears below, send us your details and we will send you some Cooty Notes and our gratitude.

Here they are…

Starting with Benton who claims to be an actual Climate Scientist (or at least a Physicist) getting an actual hug from an actual Minister for the Environment (QLD but that still counts doesn’t it?). Anyway, this is beautiful.

Hug a Scientist

And it is true because she put it on her taxpayer funded twitter machine!

Thanks to reader Virginia, (we think Fluffy is the one on the left but we are not sure.)

I don't know any climate scientists but I have this photo of my husband Steve hugging Fluffy on New Year's Eve. Thanks Virginia

“Reader” Nick was kind enough to send in photos of Sonny who has his own in-house climate scientist just like Kim Carr does…

This is Sonny desperately clinging to his very own Climate Scientist

And even more like Kim Carr…

This is Sonny eating the remains of his Climate Scientist after receiving some contrary advice

Reader Ern Malley’s “Cat” is a part-time climate scientist and was kind enough to send this clearly photoshopped-to-hide-the-truth image:

As well as being a part-time spartacus I am also a part-time climate scientist. Here is me hugging myself.

Reader “Clement” sent us a picture of her favourite scientific experiment “Basil”:

Hugging Basil, who emits a lot of methane but doesn't mean it and would be a climate scientist if he could.

Thanks to Reader Mary who “sent” us this image of an ENTIRE FLOCK OF CLIMATE SCIENTISTS or something:

This is my Dad, Dr. Paul Newman, with my mom and my sisters! U.S. Climate Scientists need big hugs too! Let’s take this international!!!

And finally, we have a winner, two Climate Scientists hugging each other which makes this hug carbon neutral…

Dr Pandora Hope (Senior Research Scientist, Climate Variability and Change Program, Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research) and Dr Andrew Watkins (Senior Climatologist, National Climate Centre):

Gorgeous! You people are awesome.

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