It’s Friday!

Which song has lodged itself in your mind this week?

It can be something old, something new, something covered or even something blues.

Here’s the deal. Leave the YouTube link for the best song you heard this week in the comments section and it will be added to this post to build an earworm soundtrack for the weekend.

(Will try to put a system in place that’s less clunky – a technical term – for future open threads)

Have a great weekend and let’s be careful out there.

Greggles: “I found this Beck track in my itunes library of all places, having no memory of ever adding it there. I’ve gone back to it at least 5 times since then. Reminds me a little of Nick Drake (which can’t be a bad thing).”


Kahomabu: “Cat Stevens popped up on ABC Local Radio earlier this week with ‘Oh very young’ and I swear it’s popped into my head at least once each day since. I wouldn’t have heard it for years and years and years – but I heard it quite differently this time.
So I’ve done the YouTube thing, and this clip is really nice! A live performance from 1976, with lots of period photos which lend a kinda innocence. Sweet.”


Neil: “Here’s Liverpool likely lads The Coral who’ve been dreaming of you to kick things off. It brightened up a dark and rainy Melbourne morning when it popped up on ye olde iPod today.”