This is weird.

Dr Gregory House from TV show House has released an album of blues songs. Yep. Blues.

Actor Hugh Laurie, former comedy sparring partner of Stephen Fry, has taken his faux American accent a stage further and has got the blues on an album entitled — in a possible pre-emptive strike against any backlash — Let Them Talk.

We’ve been here before, of course. Some actors do like to dabble in the music world while insisting that, unlike their day job, it’s all for real. Tim Robbins, for example, recently completed an Australian tour promoting his Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band collection of American folk songs. At least he had previous form on that front.

Has there ever been a stranger musical diversion by an actor* than this though (including the time a Moonlighting-era Bruce Willis didn’t respect himself or listeners by, ahem, moonlighting as a Motown soul singer called Bruno)?

Blues ain’t my thing so it’s difficult to judge. This white Englishman can sing the blues but does he sing them well?

*William Shatner is not an actor. He’s a legend.