Victorian MP headed for the door? There is a certain Liberal state MP who is already known to be in hot water. But according to senior legal sources, his problems could be so bad as to force him out of office before Christmas. If that happened and if a non-Coalition supporter won the seat, it could throw Baillieu out of office.

Team Can-Do takes shape. Speculation is mounting over who Campbell Newman has in mind for senior roles if he wins the job of premier at the next Queensland election. Ben Myers, the man behind Newman’s original tilt for the Brisbane lord mayoralty, has been asked to rejoin his old boss on the campaign trail. Myers has recently quit his job with Queensland Gas Company but maintains a cushy board position with council-run Brisbane Marketing.

It’s understood a senior local government association figure has also been promised the chief-of-staff job. Another name that’s being touted for that top spot is Justin Bold, who’s followed Newman around for over a decade. Bold worked with Newman at GrainCorp, then was appointed to senior positions at City Hall, ending up as CEO of council’s Brisbane Tolling. Bold was also previously involved with Newman in a business venture.

Justice-AG becomes AG-Justice. We just received an official letter telling us that as of June 4, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General has officially changed its name and is now known as the Department of Attorney-General and Justice. I assume that this change and the costs of stationery and branding are required to get our budget back in the black …?

Relaxing on Lindsay’s yacht. Which federal government minister and union heavyweight just spent four days relaxing on Lindsay Fox’s yacht sailing out of Portofino in Italy?

‘Hypocrisy’ live exports response. Gillard government advisers and the live trade industry were staggered to see Tony Burke’s former chief-of-staff and close friend Sky Laris at a press conference on Wednesday calling for a complete ban on the live trade, standing next to the Greens, the RSPCA and Animals Australia. It is highly embarrassing for the government and looks like a betrayal of Burke. It was also an act of breathtaking hypocrisy. Only months ago Laris was sitting in on meetings, signing off on reports and telling welfare groups and the media that the situation regarding animal welfare was under control, to a high standard, and not in need of improvement.

Australian board for a foreign company. Just reading Bernard Keane’s piece on the BCA. No one has taken time to point out its president Graham Bradley is also the chairman of the Australian board of Anglo American Coal. Of course, Anglo is not an Australian company and its annual report doesn’t even mention an Australian board. So why have an Australian board? To advocate and/or advise maybe?

Qantas’ high maintenance Airbus craft. A Qantas engineer has told me the Airbus A380s are proving to be very high maintenance, particularly when it comes to the detailing and finishing. He suggested that the quality of the cabin fittings and fixtures was poor when compared to the 747-400s, but there are also issues with other aspects of servicing. For example, while it takes only two crew to “transition” a 747, it takes several more to do this with the A380. (I believe transitioning is the task of taxiing an aircraft for purposes other than going to and from the runway.) He also implied that previous aircraft acquisition decisions had not been the best from a maintenance and servicing perspective, but of course there might be other aspects that validate the wisdom of such decisions. Generally, I got the impression that Boeing aircraft were proving to be of a higher quality than Airbus’ product.

Peter Fray

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