Jun 6, 2011

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28 thoughts on “Climate Scientists are our friends

  1. Holden Back

    ** Just the one dear?

  2. Mike Jones

    I’m a bit worried that there might be some overlap between scientistical climate changerologists and the beardist lefties – (or was that lefty beardists ?) …. also the ones with khaki shirts and shorts seem (in my experience) far removed from matters like first class personal hygiene.

    Could it just be a mental hug, FD ?

  3. paddy


    P.S. Purely for the love of Gaia, I will happily hug those fugly ones with bosoms……. But no way, am I going near anyone wearing a beard. 😀

  4. zut alors

    Frankly, that footnote about Edward Osborne Wilson was an ANTiclimax.

    I attended the pro-carbon tax rally in Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens yesterday: there were only 5,000 people, a piddling effort. As Firsty says in today’s ‘toon, ‘what’s wrong with you Australia?

    Even Swannie was there! But, to give him credit, he was present in body only and kept his mouth closed.

  5. Meski

    @Zut: Thought about going to Canberra one, but CBF. 5000 or 5001 … sigh.

    Photos of dead animals? Walk down the meat aisle at the supermarket. Then down the pet food[1] aisle, an take a deep sniff.

    [1] WTF is it that this now occupies an entire aisle? Of pet food that has all the nutritional value of the crisps and snack food aisle?

  6. Crispy

    God I love you Mr Dog. The perfect cartoony, with perfect timing. I’ll even hug the ones with beards. Carefully.
    Zut, on a pro rata basis 5000 having lunch with you in Brisbane is a lot better than 10,000 having lunch with me in Sydney. So well done Queensland.

  7. Andrew L

    I welcome the return of the word “snerk”

  8. drmick

    You have picked it in one FD.
    There is no love out there.
    The Laberal Majora and Minora have knives out and are waiting for the knuckle-heads ratings to go down and he is gone. A bloody battle will ensue. No love there
    The Blood Nut is keeping her enemies close by enlarging her caucus; her political infants are looking for love and getting none.
    Even Bob the Hat has had to start his own party and advertise for friends.

    Looks like we just have to lie back and think about Sam Fox page 3 photos again.

  9. Tom McLoughlin

    EO Wilson, my hero. How did you get him a cartoon? Dude you are too much.

  10. Ern Malleys cat

    “Customers are asked to not squeeze the Climate Scientists.
    Ripeness can be ascertained if the stem gives to gentle pressure.
    Supplies have been affected by recent unseasonal weather patterns.”

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