So I had my little audio intercourse with the Breakfasters at RRR. Radio is fascinating; but watching broadcasters at work it’s clear one has to be wired to fill the allocated time — to sound relaxed is a performance. In radio, a problem second can feel an eternity — will someone find their tongue? Has the guest frozen up? Oh god, is it boring? Is that second of dead air about to become 2 or 3 or 4 seconds of blank?

Afterwards I had a little chat with the producer, Michelle Bennett (delightful even at that earlyish hour). Said I didn’t know how the Breakfasters kept it up day after day, and before dawn cracks. Michelle, who has her own guest-and-music-packed three hours of issues and politics, Spoke (Tues 9am-noon), assured me that it was addictive. One may assume that broadcasters live on air are high on it.

Like so many Melburnians (inc. the categories  of ex- and ex-pat and post-), I ‘ve been listening to various incarnations of RRR across the years. The beauty of the RRR brand is that they are true blue community-based. They have the community love, demonstrated in cold cash donations, backed up with the administrative nous to go well beyond mere survival into thriving.

Love ya work, RRRsters. x x x.

I made a sketch as I waited, Morning has broken, like the first morning . . .
The Breakfasters crew, 3 June 2011

On the left, smooth and chill, Who da (only) Man? — the Birchall, Ben-ja-min.

In the middle of the choir, the Rocking Rasping Rapper, Jess McGuire.

At far right, the disc-spinning, leather-clad Ms Fee-b-Squared. Woo woo

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