In recent times, public health advocates have been taking to the newspaper columns and our TV screens to argue the case for the plain packaging of cigarettes legisation.

Now some of the troubadors of public health have taken to YouTube to lend their support to the legislation, and the Health Minister Nicola Roxon, whom they serenade below as a “hero of public health”.


On a more serious note, Ross Gittins asks in The Age:

Q:  What do the big foreign-owned mining companies have in common with the big foreign-owned purveyors of cancer sticks?

A:  A lot of money to con punters and pressure pollies, and a lot of weak arguments.


Appearing in this clip from the Faux Pas are (L to R):

Paul Grogan, Suzanne Plater, Trish Kirby and Simon Chapman.

Lyrics below….

The Leader of the Pack

[spoken intro] Is she really gonna do it?

Trish: Well there she is — Let’s ask her.

Nicola, is that a plain packet you’re holding?

Suzanne: Mm-hmm

Trish: Gee, it must be great making health history

Let’s see, is it brand names only?

Suzanne: Mm-hmm

Trish: By the way, love the health warnings.

[singing starts] We saw her on our TV screens

The smartest health-minister we’d ever seen

That’s why we fell for …

The Leader of the Pack!

Verse 1: David Crow* was always putting her down (down, down)

He said no evidence could be found (he said no evidence could be  found)

But she knew that smoke was bad

And that the packet was just an ad

That’s why she became – the leader of the pack.

Verse 2: One day the PM said “Find something new”

Her Task Force said “this’ll make em spew” (Her Task Force said-that-they-would-spew)

She stood there at the parliament door

And said “It ain’t been done before”

So I’m gonna be – the leader of the pack.

[Simon, spoken:] She sort of smiled and launched the packs

Crowie’s tears were beginning to show

As he walked  away from his unforgettable press conference

Journalists begged him to keep the comedy coming

But whether he heard, we’ll never know

(Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out!)

Verse 3: She felt so threatened, what could she do? (do, do, do)

When big tobacco said we’ll sue

But now the public all stop and stare

‘Cause Nicola — had the guts to care

We’ll never forget her — the leader of the pack

The leader of the pack – the medals winner ..

The leader of the pack –  Philip Morris’ ruined dinner!

The leader of the pack – BAT heading for zero!

The leader of the pack –  public-health-hero!



Update: and for more background info…

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