ANZ on path to IT meltdown. ANZ’s share price isn’t the only thing that’s been dropping for the bank this week with its much-maligned IT system again in freefall. In the past 24 hours, ANZ’s offshoot — OnePath — has been without its website for 24 hours, leaving tens of thousands of superannuation investors cut off from their investments, etc. In recent weeks it’s been one outage after another for ANZ on the IT front.

Everyone seems to be playing internal musical chairs and the best and the brightest of ANZ’s IT empire have been snatched away by headhunters and competitors. The only bright spot remains its Asian network, although the geniuses behind that success have also decamped. An IT department that was once the envy of competitors has now become almost a daily embarrassment.

Why has Coorey named names? In this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald, Phil Coorey fingers Sam Dastyari and Paul Howes as the brains behind the Amanda Lampe for ALP national secretary fiasco. Previously people have just said “the NSW Right” but not named names. Interesting that Phil seemed to wait a while to pull the trigger …

More noise on Canberra’s Fitters’ Workshop. More on the Fitter’s Workshop takeover by Megalo in Canberra. This move was proposed several years ago, agreed to in principle by the ACT government and views were canvassed widely in the arts community (sorry, musicians, you were also included — but you probably didn’t get around to responding as back then you didn’t know about the acoustics). The acoustics of the FW were discovered accidentally during the Canberra Music Festival two years ago, but absolutely no noise (pardon the pun) has been made by the musos since about Megalo until Peter Sculthorpe et al were “alerted” to the problem and have mounted a campaign to rebut the proposal.

The fact is that Megalo applied for help in relocating when the current premises at Watson became too small. Megalo is the premier printmaking workshop in the region and attracts artists from interstate to have their work printed there, as well as attend and run workshops. While some sympathise with the musos, the printmakers should be considered here just as equitably. Alas, they have no big name to go in to bat for them.

Peter Fray

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