Deadline are reporting that Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane has been given the green light by Warner Bros Television to remake cartoon classic The Flintsones.

Intended for broadcast on Fox as part of its 2013 cartoon slate, the announcement comes after understandably long and drawn out negotiations.

While television remakes are well established now (we’ve got Hawaii Five-0 on the sets again and Charlies Angels will make its debut later this year), messing with a classic like The Flintstones will be met with some pretty mixed feelings, especially given that it’s in the hands of Seth Macfarlane. While Family Guy has its fans (and his other shows, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, somewhat less of the same fans) putting your mitts on something as pure and classic as The Flintstones (when your style is anything but) is not an entirely popular move.

So what do we have to look forward to in this new incarnation? Will it essentially be Family Guy set back in the stoneage? Will Fred be pulling fart jokes? Will Dino be talking and have a drinking problem? MacFarlane has been understandably tight lipped on his plans except for saying a cryptic ‘what is the animal version of an iPad?’

Fox currently have a solid Sunday night animation block in the United States, aimed at an adult audience. While MacFarlane sees over the bulk of the shows, there’s also long running relic The Simpsons, and newcomers Napoleon Dynamite and Bob’s Burgers. The safe bet is that this new version of The Flintstones will find itself in there.

Warner Bros Television have previously been shy of releasing the rights to their classic treasure, which maybe has something to do with this Sopranos style intro that Adult Swim remade as part of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.


Personally,  I’ll maybe tune in out of morbid interest, but I’ve never been more inclined to hope that the Mayans were right.