Pilots flying angry at Jetstar. A letter to all Jetstar pilots from its chief pilot tries to justify the contract pilots will now be employed under. But in doing so it’s created a hornet’s nest of pilot discontent and even worse morale.

Nine News integrates web team — again. Nine News chief Mark Calvert doesn’t shy away from ringing newspapers to blow his own trumpet, but his latest self-promotion in today’s edition of Media in The Australian has staff gaffawing in disbelief. The man known as “Little Britain” convinced The Oz‘s Lara Sinclair to write a puff piece about how he was integrating the Nine and Ninemsn news teams at Nine’s Willoughby HQ in Sydney. Except it’s all been done before.

Journalists were fully integrated into Nine’s Willoughby newsroom from 2006 to 2009, crammed like battery hens next to Nine News’ 11am and 4.30pm bulletin production teams, two metres from the news director’s office and three metres from the 6pm production desk where they attended all editorial meetings. Ninemsn sport was also there, along with Ninemsn news’ video team. The latter had multiple decoding and video editing machines connected directly to all domestic and international feeds coming into Nine’s relays room a few metres away. They would turn around video in minutes or live stream all sorts of big events, many of which Nine itself wasn’t broadcasting but was shooting for later bulletins.

The resignation of Steve Bracks, Shane Warne’s retirement, APEC, the Pope’s visit, Heath Ledger’s death and Obama’s election were but a few of almost daily live streams. Nine News journalists, camera and relays staff all regularly helped out their digital cousins. The rub went the other way when Ninemsn tipped off and aided the broadcaster on breaking news. Ninemsn hired two Nine cameramen including their top Sydney shooter Richard Wiles, who had journos filing live from phones and via laptops. Six new Ninemsn cadets were mentored by the likes of Peter Harvey.

The integration was the first and best in Australian media. Even the ABC online team then was housed separately in Brisbane away from newsrooms and Aunty’s national HQ Sydney. So, what happened? Well, when Nine News refurbished its newsroom in 2009 guess who was kicked out and banished to another floor at Willoughby? Calvert was part of that decision.

Cato grabs SMH editor for biz dinner. The links between Sydney PR queen Sue Cato and the floundering Fairfax empire seem to strengthening. Talk from the emptying subs’ desk is that the surprise recruit to their ranks (judging by her subbing efforts on Greg Hywood’s announcement last week on the job cuts) has lined up Sydney Morning Herald editor Amanda Wilson to speak at the annual dinner later this year of Chief Executive Women, a female lobby and networking group.

If the deal hasn’t been done, then talks are advanced as the flacks love to say in their spinnergrams. Hope the topic is current and well, topical, and not some dirge about female CEOs being better managers than men.

Who’s out to get Brett Clegg? This very mysterious item appeared in The Australian‘s Media Diary today…

Clegg, remember, is one of the few to walk away from the News Limited cult to rejoin Fairfax’s Australian Financial Review. It’s unclear where the knives are actually coming from …

Just what can Kanye say? When extensively censoring the video for Kanye West’s song Runaway, Channel 10’s Video Hits deletes “asshole” but leaves in “jerk off”. Censorship is a funny game …

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