In 2007 the Australian Christian Lobby were upset by the TV show Californication and campaigned across the media, held protests, and lobbied advertisers not to advertise on that program. Holden and Holeproof are just two of the companies that dropped advertising on the show. The show, thankfully, remained on the air despite this heavy lobbying by a fringe group.

As a supporter of freedom of speech and a (then) fan of the show, their actions irritated me. Who are they to dictate what I watch on television? Just because it offended their sensibilities doesn’t mean it offends mine.

This week, in retaliation to Ten giving Andrew Bolt a show, The Bolt Report, idealistic lefties have started a similar campaign targeting companies to pull advertising from the show. Why? Because Bolt offends their sensibilities. For the record, I don’t agree much with what Bolt says, but since when was that just cause to have him pulled off the air?

The group trying to get Bolt pulled off the air are no better than the Christian groups trying to get Californication pulled from the air. Groups trying to push their morality by forcing censorship on opposing ideologies. It absolutely makes me sick.

That said, Operation Bolt Cutter are free to engage in this campaign. I don’t agree with it and could not be more disappointed by their actions, but they are free to do it. I visited their event on Facebook and, in protest, clicked ‘No’ to attending the event. I encourage you to do likewise.