Like the Kent Rebellion of 1450, in which local men — led by Jack Cade — from the Kent area in England revolted against the corruption of Henry VI, today the AFL faces a revolt from fans who have taken to Twiitter and Facebook in support of another Jack — Melbourne’s Jack Trengove — who has been suspended for three weeks following a tackle against Adelaide’s Patrick Dangerfield.

Here is the tackle at the centre of the dispute:


AFL fans, across all clubs, have united on Twitter under the #freetrengove banner to take it to the AFL. A Facebook site, “Free Demon Jack” has been established and Trengove’s team mates have already taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Even opposition players such as StKilda’s Steven Baker and Carlton’s Mitch Robinson were dipleased:

Perhaps on the back of the social network uprising, the Melbourne Football Club plans to appeal tomorrow night Trengove’s sentence which seems insanely overzealous for just a good hard footy tackle.

As BigFooty‘s Jamie Johnstone wrote today:

“The problem — for the Match Review Panel — is that it left Patrick Dangerfield hurt and concussed. This is the nub of the issue. It is clear now that the league has radically altered the fundamental precepts of the game. It used to be accepted by everyone single one of us who went out to play the great game of Australian Rules football that you might get hurt doing so.”

Stay tuned for the AFL response, the Melbourne appeal and how the fans react.

For the record, Jack Cade died in a skirmish shortly after the Kent Rebellion started. For some reason I don’t think this Jack Trengove revolt will be as easy for the AFL to squash.

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