Osama bin Laden’s warranted execution

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Osama bin Laden:

Neil James, Executive Director, Australia Defence Association, writes: I’ll keep this short because John Richardson (yesterday, comments) seems to have a problem with explanations even when he misunderstands them.

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7 thoughts on “Osama bin Laden’s warranted execution

  1. klewso

    I just like satire and a good laugh.

  2. Perry Gretton

    Marcus Vernon, are you seriously suggesting that Andrew Bolt is off-limits to anyone who disagrees with him? Are there others who should be ignored, presumably because they espouse your world view?

    It would be a strange, unenlightened world if we only listened to those we agreed with.

  3. Jobby

    Dear Marcus Vernon,

    Let me explain this to you simply: if you don’t like Crikey, ignore it. Stop reading it, or complaining about it.

    That is called choice, and freedom of speech, and democracy.

  4. stephen martin

    I am not sure about the LOAC, but essentially the US killed, assassinated, or whatever a villain who richly deserved his fate.

    However the military action taken, without consent, on the territory of an ally while understandable is surely not legal. This was no case of urgent pursuit!

    The US took the action it did because it could, and damn the consequences, and who could blame them.

  5. klewso

    I mean it, I like it – people like us – “Andrew” is our own “Roy Mallard” – isn’t he?

  6. rubiginosa

    Choice, and freedom of speech for Marcus Vernon — BUT NONE FOR YOU!

  7. Meski

    @Marcus: freedom of choice includes being able to argue with Andrew, and people who share his worldview. (Weltanschauung if you want to be pretentious) Not viewing him is an ostrich-like approach, which encourages his followers to believe they must be right, because they see no disagreement.

    @Justin: maybe, but I had no idea that boiling water was regarded as an OH&S issue. Most of us would carry out this every day for making a cup of tea, for instance. (and the boiler for my coffeemaker is set to 105.7 degrees C (yes, it is pressurised) (coffeemakers who protest that this is too high should be reassured that it has dropped considerably by the time it hits the group-head, its about 94 degrees there.)

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