The Winners: Seven won the night in All People, Ten says it won the demos. MasterChef and the AFL in southern markets helped. Nine snuck up on the inside and did better in the demos than its finish in All People suggested.

  1. MasterChef Australia (Ten) (7.30pm) — 1.532 million
  2. Seven News (6pm) — 1.369 million
  3. Today Tonight (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.364 million
  4. Nine News (6pm) — 1.202 million
  5. The Big Bang Theory (Nine) (7.30pm) — 1.189 million
  6. A Current Affair (Nine) (6.30pm) — 1.143 million
  7. ABC News (7pm) — 1.101 million
  8. Home and Away (Seven) (7pm) — 1.071 million
  9. The Big Bang Theory (Nine) (8pm) — 1.018 million

The Losers: No real losers last night except the AFL: Monday night football did not do well. It must be hard for the AFL to understand a very simple message. It and other sports are not good performers when viewers have a solid choice of other programs to watch that are not sports based. The game finished 8th in Melbourne, which is a performance you’d expect.

Unwanted in Adelaide and Perth because of two Melbourne clubs, in Carlton and St Kilda, were playing. Unscreened in Sydney and Brisbane until 11pm, almost the dead of night. And hundreds of millions of dollars are going to both cities (Brisbane includes the Gold Coast) to expand the code.

Foxtel will show it there next year, but people still won’t watch. The game last night was shown in NSW and Qld on Foxtel’s main event channel. The figures for that are not broken out by OzTAM ratings. That means they are usually very low.

News & CA: Ten’s AFL game saw the 10.30pm repeat of 6.30 with George Negus pre-empted, which was a little odd seeing the Late News went to air in Sydney at 10.30pm, which is when the Negus program is usually repeated.

As it was, the 6.30 with George Negus had another night above half a million viewers. Nine News and ACA might have lost nationally because of the WIN affiliates in Adelaide and especially Perth, but they won the east coast last night.

Seven News and TT won Melbourne. Nine is now slowly building an ascendancy over Seven News at 6pm in Sydney. Is it the extra half hour of Ten News that is hurting Seven more than Nine?

  1. Seven News (6pm) — 1.369 million
  2. Today Tonight (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.364 million
  3. Nine News (6pm) — 1.202 million
  4. A Current Affair (Nine) (6.30pm) — 1.143 million
  5. ABC News (7pm) — 1.101 million
  6. The 7pm Project (Ten) (7pm) — 906,000
  7. Australian Story (ABC) (8pm) — 776,000
  8. 7.30 (ABC) (7.30pm) — 736,000
  9. Four Corners (ABC) (8.30pm) — 736,000
  10. Ten News (5pm) — 723,000
  11. Q&A (ABC) (9.35pm) — 639,000
  12. Media Watch (ABC) (9.15pm) — 624,000
  13. 6.30 with George Negus (Ten) (6.30pm) — 519,000
  14. Lateline (ABC) (10.30pm) — 253,000
  15. SBS News (6.30pm) — 155,000
  16. SBS News (9.30pm) — 135,000
  17. Late News/Sports Tonight (Ten) (10.30pm) — 131,000
  18. Lateline Business (ABC) (11.05pm) — 117,000

In the morning:

  1. Sunrise (Seven) (7am) — 418,000
  2. Today (Nine) (7am) — 363,000

The Stats:

  • FTA: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 28.7% from Ten (3) with 25.5%), Nine (3) on 24.4%, The ABC (4) was on 16.6% and SBS (2) ended with 4.8%. Seven leads the week with 31.0% from Ten on 25.6% and Nine with 24.7%.
  • Main Channel: Seven with 20.5% won from Ten on 19.6%, Nine on 19.0%, ABC 1, was on 13.5% and SBS ONE ended with 4.1%. Seven leads the week with 23.6% from Nine on 19.0% and Ten with 18.4%.
  • Digital: 7TWO won with a share of 5.1%, from 7mate on 3.1%, Eleven was on 3.1%, Gem was on 2.9%, ONE was on 2.8%, GO finished with 2.5%, ABC 2 was on 1.8%, SBS TWO, 0.8%, ABC 3, 0.7% and News 24, 0.6%. That’s a total share of FTA prime time viewing last night of 23.4%. 7TWO leads the week with 4.2%, from ONE on 3.9% and 7mate and GO both on 3.2%. Eleven is on 3.1%.
  • Pay TV: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 24.0%, from Ten (3) on 21.4%, Nine (3) was on 20.4%, the ABC (4) ended with 13.9%, pay TV (100 plus channels) had 13.5% and SBS (2) ended with 4.1%. The 15 FTA channels had a 86.5% share of TV viewing last night, made up of 19.4% for the 10 digitals and 66.1% for the five main channels.
  • Regional: Prime/7Qld (3 channels) won with a share of 29.9%, from WIN/NBN (3) on 25.5%, SC Ten (3) was on 23.6%, the ABC (4) was on 16.4% and SBS (2) ended with 4.9%. Prime/7Qld won the main channels with 20.9%, from WIN/NBN on 20.6% and SC Ten third with 17.2%. 7TWO won the digitals with 5.4%, from Eleven on 4.2% and 7mate on 3.7%. The 10 digital channels had a 24.7% share of FTA viewing in prime time. Prime/7Qld lead the week on 32.1% from WIN/NBN on 27.1%.

Major Markets: A mixed night. Seven beat Nine and Ten in Sydney fairly comfortably, and Ten beat Seven and Nine in Melbourne thanks to the AFL. Nine was very strong in Brisbane winning overall and the main channels, But in Adelaide Seven beat Ten and Nine easily and in Perth it was Seven from Nine and Ten overall, while in the main channels it was Seven with Nine and Ten tied for second. ONE won Melbourne, 7TWO won the rest to top the digitals. Seven leads Nine and Ten in Sydney and Brisbane. In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth it’s Seven from Ten and Nine.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight All People)

Glenn Dyer’s comments: The AFL was on in southern markets from Melbourne last night. It did the work for Ten in Melbourne, but nowhere else. A one shot wonder. The AFL had 475,000 viewers, with 324,000 of those in Melbourne. Just 7,500 people watched the 11pm replays in Sydney and Brisbane. 138,000 watched the game on ONE.

With the 536,000 viewers in regional areas last night (It was only the third most watched program in the regions), MasterChef had a national audience of 2.05 million.

TONIGHT: Australia’s Got Talent on Seven at 7.30pm and then Winners & Losers at 8.30pm. MasterChef at 7.30pm and Bondi Vet on Ten at 8.30pm. AFP: Australian Federal Police on Nine at 8pm. Sea Patrol at 8.30pm if you like Lisa McCune.

SBS has Insight at 7.30pm if you can’t stand Wayne Swan, talent shows or whatever else is on.

The ABC of course has the budget at 7.30pm, 8pm and then in Lateline and Lateline Business from 10.30pm. Nine has a budget special at 10.30pm, Seven appears to have nothing but news updates and Ten has late news at 11pm, SBS has late news at 9.30pm.

By the way Nine has swapped Top Gear at 9.30pm in the week schedules, for the unwatchable CSI New York. That brings forward the budget special to 10.30 pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports

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