UPDATED 9th May.

Popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld has today launched jerryseinfeld.com, a sanctuary for three Seinfeld jokes per day. On this site you can expect to be drip fed some classic stand-up comedy material (depending on your opinion of Seinfeld) and not much else.

While  many comedians have already discovered that you can use the internet to put up video of yourself, the fact that it’s Seinfeld is attracting worldwide attention.

It’s a cautious move which shows that Seinfeld doesn’t understand the internet – and really, it’s his fans that are going to lose out here. You can’t share the clips, you can’t link to the clips, you can’t tweet or facebook them, you can’t comment on them. A routine, it seems, will be cut up into separate gags. It’s the internet equivalent of Seinfeld putting his photos in a photo album, and then putting that album in the back of a cupboard behind the vacuum cleaner (rather than putting the photo in a frame on the wall for all to see).

It’s puzzling given there’s comedians out there who are doing a similar thing only much better. Take, for example, the official Monty Python YouTube channel, where the repository of high quality python humour can be linked and shared to your heart’s content.


With no way to share my favourite horse related Seinfeld joke (that’s all that’s up on his website at the moment), you should wander over there and check it out. You can’t watch it in full screen, but you can still watch it.

I’ll instead post this bizarre video of Jerry Seinfeld cannibalising his own jokes in the name of selling the services of New South Wales based bank the Greater Building Society. It’s one of a series, and I’ve never managed to figure out what kind of dirt the bank has on him.


They were shot in New York, so I’m assuming they flew in the Kookaburra especially for this commercial.


It turns out video clips are only kept online for a day. Three new clips each day, with no way to view the ones you’ve missed.


In response to Laugh Track’s deadly serious claim that the Greater Building Society has dirt on Jerry Seinfeld, the bank replied…

“No dirt mate. It is a successful commercial transaction which has delivered tremendous results for us.”

When asked for clarification in regards to the kookaburra in the clip, they confirmed…

“We flew the Kooka [sic] over specially [sic].”

I knew it…

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