Pagemasters makes way for Fairfax subs. Heard from a reliable source that AAP HQ in Rhodes has already started knocking down walls to accomodate the new Fairfax sub hub. Indicates they think it’s a done deal.

Munro doesn’t like to be rested. Mike Munro is going on the road as a reporter for Sunday Night, with the story put about that he wanted it and was sick and tired of the studio work. But the real story is he was upset the show was being rested for 10 weeks from Sundays at 6.30pm to make way for Dancing With The Stars from this Sunday. Munro didn’t like it last year (nor do the rest of the program) and this time he’d had enough.

API’s last-ditch survival plan. Under severe pressure from institutional shareholders to break up and sell off assets, embattled pharmacy wholesaler Australian Pharmaceutical Industries is launching a last-ditch stand for survival — they are wooing independent pharmacists to a new grouping strangely not aligned with their flagship brand, Priceline.

Management is throwing money around like confetti, advancing huge sums ($500,000 has been mentioned) to small independents to join them. With the NAB insisting on loan liabilities being on the balance sheet and enforcing banking covenants, it seems that a major implosion is not far off. API’s recent results showed a 482% drop in profit and a worst-ever performance by Priceline raises questions as to management’s competence to survive industry change.

The emergency in their pants. Funny that you mention flammable uniforms that cause allergic reactions. During the January floods/cyclone disasters in Queensland, emergency services staff were ordered to wear the new blue and yellow uniforms — made overseas from a synthetic nylon fabric. They were also flammable and caused a number of side effects including severe rashes.

Despite dozens of complaints — even some to the minister’s office — staff were ordered to keep wearing them for “identification” purposes. A number of staff who had volunteered to go into very difficult areas had to remove themselves because of the severe side effects of the uniforms. They are still standard issue for the department.

Peter Fray

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