You heard it here first. As I reported here a couple of weeks ago, News Limited newsrooms are on instructions to be ready to move to a paywall system on short notice. The talk is of each masthead having a number of different presences – the free website, the paid website, the mobile app and the print version.

But those of us who watch these things have been wondering if, and when, it will happen. After all, Rupert first telegraphed the change a long while ago now, and we are still waiting.

So I couldn’t help but notice this flyer for the Mumbrella360 conference, which has the CEO of News Digital Media, Richard Freudenstein, as a keynote speaker.

And the blurb?

This is your opportunity to hear from one of the world’s leading media executives, in what is likely to be his only public address of 2011. Although the title of his speech is yet to be confirmed, given Richard’s seniority at News Limited, it is almost certain he will talk about the role of newspapers in the digital world and the latest on News’ paid content plans.

Now Mumbrella, aka Tim Burrowes, obviously wants to stir up interest in his conference. But still you have to wonder…could this be the announcement we are waiting for?