Smartly-dressed with a slight Justin Bieber look about her (her words, not mine) Canadian comedian DeAnne Smith cuts an edgy path through comedy that even if you can’t relate to it, you can’t help but find appealing.

Accompanied by a welcoming smile, DeAnne’s jokes are vaguely held together by the construct of time, and it’s a compliment to her hilarious show that you’ll find fifty minutes go by so quickly.

Interspersed by some classy songs played on an ukulele (one over-analysing the Australian term ‘no worries’, another a show closing number enthusiastically relaying the news that everyone would die), Smith delivers some great observational material – two-year olds do act like little drunk homeless people. It is strange that we applaud celebrities ‘adopting’ African children when it works as the same concept as slavery. It’s also possible to learn more about lesbian relationships than you could from an hour’s worth of Googling.

A risky part of the show involves DeAnne leaving the topic up to the audience for exactly six and a half minutes. A dangerous decision for less able comedians, DeAnne manages to salvage some laughs out of the crappy topics the punters provide her with.

DeAnne Smith has some great comedic timing, and good judge of the audience. She’ll talk about graphic sexual content with a disarming, charming smile, which just adds to the hilarity. There’s a cheeky innocence around most of the show, but don’t let that fool you. With a well deserved Barry Award nomination under her belt from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, her show is definitely one to go and see.

DeAnne Smith in About Freakin’ Time, Seymour Centre, 9pm, 4th – 7th May.