2975: last exact figure on 9/11 casualties.

20: percentage of Americans who knew someone hurt or killed in the 9/11 attacks.

26: days after 9/11 the US began bombing Afghanistan.

US$50,000,000,000: increase in US defence spending every year since 9/11 until 2005.

35: number of miles from Islamabad that bin Laden’s compound was located.

12 to 18: number of feet in height that the outer walls of the compound, topped with barbed wire, measured.

12,384,000: average tweets generated per hour at peak during and after President Obama announced bin Laden’s death.

30,000: number of articles written about bin Laden in the top 50 US newspapers in 2001.

18,428: number of followers for bin Laden’s fake Twitter account.

1957: year bin Laden was born.

50 or more: number of siblings bin Laden has.

10: number of years the manhunt for bin Laden took.

8: number of months it took between US intelligence identifying bin Laden’s compound and the eventual helicopter assault that killed him

99.9: Percentage of accuracy, according to officials, of a DNA test confirming the man shot in Abbottabad was Osama bin Laden. (The US is believed to have collected DNA samples from several of bin Laden’s family members during the decade since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.)

20,354: total number of media mentions of bin Laden locally since his death was announced yesterday, according to Media Monitors.

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