Sometimes life’s just not fair.

Miranda ‘Rogering Gerbils‘ Devine had only last week told us how Larissa Behrendt’s twitter stream had exposed “a rare insight into the core of the leftist, ivory-tower thinking that pervades every level of politics, every university, and every comfortable suburb shielded from hardship and immune to reality”, no doubt winning some medal for common sense and moral high ground, when the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby decides to mess it all up by using ANZAC Day as an opportunity to belittle homosexuals and muslims.

Just hope that as we remember servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for - wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic

While I’m still waiting patiently for Miranda to decode what that tweet tells us about self appointed christian spokespeople, Andrew Bolt has complained that “If you tweet from the Right, you’re in strife” claiming that “The Left looks after its own”.

Perhaps Andrew is in need of a little trip down memory lane?

Remember the aftermath of Catherine Deveny’s Logies tweets that ended up getting her dropped by The Age? Fairfax had no problem letting Miranda Devine lecture Deveny about the importance of not trashing the brand, only to have Devine drop her ‘Rogering Gerbils’ comment a day later. Did Fairfax fire Devine? Censure her? Did they even mention the embarrassing and offensive tweet? None of the above. It’s hard to take Bolt’s accusation seriously when Fairfax decided to shield a right wing columnist and sack an alleged lefty for the same type of behaviour.

On the other hand, Bolt has had no concern about criticising the twitter feeds of people he sees as an ideological opponent.

Andrew Bolt, October 5th 2010:

My God. This foul-mouthed, abusive Leftist is the Sydney correspondent for Agence France Presse? A Walkley Award judge of good journalism?
Naturally, despite having the manners of particularly vicious harridan, she adopts all the causes that a Leftist subscribes to in order to seem – despite appearances – more moral than thou:

Andrew Bolt highlighted the personal blog and twitter account of Amy Coopes, an account which clearly noted that it reflected her personal views, not those of her employer. Bolt didn’t produced any examples of Coopes’ work that may have been compromised by her personal views and yet felt free to question the fact that she was a Walkley Award judge. As a result of the attention Coopes deleted her blog and twitter account.

And let’s not even begin to document all of the times that he’s complained about Catherine Deveny or Marieke Hardy’s twitter feeds as evidence of barbarism at the ABC, we could be here for some time.

Bolt failed to mention Devine’s ‘rogering gerbils’ comment and dismissed Wallace’s comments as “at best offensive and inappropriate”, perhaps it’s not just “The Left” who look after their own?