Five gears in and The Fast and The Furious franchise shows no sign of slowing down. Nor have the reviewers shown any sign of steering away from car-related puns.

The F&F flicks are genre films through and through, delivering to the punters exactly what they paid for: powder kegs of revved up action, stoopid storytelling and good looking idiots.

The blokey combo of master motor head Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and cop-cum-crim Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) becomes a trio with the arrival of federal agent Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), whose mission is to pull them in at any price. The Rock’s part is small – too small, considering how well he fits in – but he compensates for it by providing the amusing sight of watching him sweat profusely through every scene.

Hiding out in Rio de Janeiro, Dominic and Brian form a team to pull off the familiar “one last job” to obtain freedom and a lot of moolah. They tackle a corrupt businessman who wants them dead and that lug of a man Hobbs, who wants them arrested.

There are some entertaining and competently directed action scenes rev-heads will relish. The story is clumsily plotted, the “dramatic” “resolution” absurd, the characterizations vapid and Vin Diesel once more reaffirms himself as one of the worst actors currently working in Hollywood, but who cares? You’re either with Fast Five’s brainless energy or you’re not. If you are, it’s an enjoyable ride.

Fast Five’s Australian theatrical release date: April 21, 2010.