The Winners

  1. Seven News — 1.668 million.
  2. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 1.272 million.
  3. AFP (Nine, 8pm, debut) — 1.248 million.
  4. Nine News — 1.122 million.
  5. Customs (Nine, 7.30pm) — 1.099 million.
  6. Home and Away (Seven, 7pm) — 1.088 million.
  7. ABC News (7pm) — 1 million.

Nine’s debut program AFP did well first up on a holiday Tuesday night. Sea Patrol returned at 8.30pm and failed to crack a million for the first episode of the final series: 941,000. A rough voyage this season for this one and it has run out of storylines. Just 75,000 watched the Cats-Hawks AFL game in Sydney live on Seven compared with 392,000 in Melbourne. Not good for the AFL, despite all the emerging hype around the new TV contract.

The Losers

None really given it was the last night of a very long break.

News & Current Affairs

  1. Seven News (6pm)– 1.668 million.
  2. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 1.272 million.
  3. Nine News (6pm) — 1.122 million.
  4. ABC News (7pm)– 1 million.
  5. A Current Affair (Nine, 6.30pm ) — 935,000.
  6. The 7PM Project (Ten) — 852,000.
  7. Ten News (Ten, 5pm) — 741,000.
  8. 7.30 (ABC) — 689,000.
  9. 6.30 With George Negus (Ten) — 515,000.
  10. Foreign Correspondent (ABC, 8pm) — 506,000.
  11. 6.30 With George Negus Late (Ten, 10.30pm, repeat) — 285,000.
  12. SBS News (6.30pm) — 193,000.
  13. Ten late News/Sports Tonight (11pm) — 182,000.
  14. Insight (SBS, 7.30pm) — 169,000.
  15. Lateline (ABC, 10.30pm) — 143,000.
  16. SBS late News (9.30pm) — 130,000.
  17. Lateline Business (ABC, 11.05pm, replay) — 99,000.


  1. Sunrise (Seven, 7am) — 322,000.
  2. Today (Nine, 7 – 9 am) — 307,000.

Seven News won thanks to the 570,000 viewers in Melbourne and because Seven used the Cats-Hawks AFL game as a lead in. Seven also won the other metro markets. Today Tonight lost Sydney to A Current Affair and Adelaide. TT won Perth heavily, by 132,000 viewers.

6.30 With George Negus got its highest ever figures last night, 515,000. That was after 470,000. In both cases the audiences were well over 50% of ACA‘s 935,000 last night and 817,000 on Monday night. With the 285,000 for the late repeat, the program last night had a total of 800,000 viewers in prime time. That’s a serious audience these days.

The Stats:

  • FTA: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 29.9% from Nine (3) on 27.6%, Ten (3) was on 22.7%, the ABC (4) was on 14.5% and SBS, (2) ended with 5.3%. Seven leads the week with 29.9% from Nine on 27.21% and Ten on 21.4%.
  • Main Channel: Seven won with a share of 22.0% from Nine on 20.4%, Ten was on 17.6%, ABC 1 was on 11.3%, and SBS ONE was on 4.1%. Seven leads the week with 21.3% from Nine on 19.0% and Ten with 16.1%
  • Digital: 7mate won with a share of 4.2% from 7TWO and GO on 3.7% each. Gem was on 3.5%, Eleven was on 3.3%, ABC2 was on 2.1%, ONE was on 1.8%, SBS TWO was on 1.2%, ABC3 ended with 0.7% and News 24 finished with 0.5%. That’s a total FTA share of 25.7% for the 10 digital channels. 7TWO and 7mate lead the week with 4.3% each, from GO and Gem with 4.1% each.
  • Pay TV: Seven (3 channels) won with 24.4%, from Nine (3) on 22/6%, Ten (3) was on 18.8%, Pay TV (100 plus channels) ended with 15.4%, the ABC (4) was on 11.8%, and SBS (2) finished with 4.3%. That’s a total share of TV viewing last night of 84.6% for the FTA channels, made up of 20.2% for the digital channels and 64.4% for the five main channels.
  • Regional: A win for WIN/NBN (3 channels) on 31.3%, from Prime/7Qld (3) with 28.7%, with SC Ten (3) on 21.7%, the ABC (4) was on 13.1% and SBS (2) was on 5.2%. WIN/NBN won the main channels with 23.6%, from Prime/7Qld on 19.8%. 7TWO with 4.5% won the digitals from 7mate and GO both with 4.4% each. The 10 digital channels had a total FTA share of prime time viewing of 24.9%. Prime/7Qld still leads the week on 30.3% from Prime/7Qld with 29.5%.
  • Major Markets: A more competitive night. Nine won Sydney overall and in the main channels and won Brisbane overall, with Seven winning the main channels. Seven won overall and the main channels in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. 7TWO won Sydney and Adelaide. 7mate won Melbourne and Perth. Gem won Brisbane. Seven leads the week from Nine and Ten in four of the five markets. in Perth its still Seven from Ten and Nine.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight All People)

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Last Week: Seven won. Sunday night: Seven won: Monday night: Seven won.

Last night: Seven won last night, but Nine’s new AFP and returning Customs and Sea Patrol ensured it was a closer result than in previous weeks. Next week the competition is a lot tougher. At 7.30pm Seven starts Australia’s Got Talent which will attract female viewers and Winners & Losers returns at 8.30pm. Ten’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation was a repeat, next week it should be MasterChef at 7.30pm.

TONIGHT: I am afraid to report that it’s not a Royal-free night. Ten has a telemovie that purports to show the story of Will and Kate’s romance. Nine has Million Dollar Drop at 7.30pm, is that the third night that Nine has used this disaster to fill a hole? Nine also has the AFL Footy Show at 9.30pm tonight because of the Thursday night AFL on Ten tomorrow. Seven seems to have an hour of Home and Away from 7 pm. OMG! The ABC has the last Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight this evening (Spicks and Specks is back next week, hurrah!). Hungry Beast at 9.30pm is also worth a look.

Viewers warning: Nine and Seven News and TT and ACA are in London involved in a mass fawning of the sort that could make viewers very ill. So far it’s been terrible. The morning shows are the same.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports

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