ABC News 24: what does it cost? The ABC has released the true cost of its 24 hour continuous news service in response to an FoI request made under the YouCommNews system. The total cost of the Continuous News Centre from its launch in 2006 until the end of last month  is $25.37 million dollars. The breakdown in costs is:

  • 2006    $330,119
  • 2007    $883,686
  • 2008    $857,020
  • 2009    $3,906,015
  • 2010    $8,283,589
  • 2011    $11,105,208

The big lift in costs last year and this year coincides, of course, with the launch of the ABC News 24 channel, which was the main focus of the FoI request. The 2011 costs relate only to the period until 31 March. However, those parts of my request that relate more directly to the true cost of ABC News 24 have been refused. (Read the full text of the ABC's response here.)