An article has cropped up on TV blog TV Tonight this morning about a pilot that the Chaser have recorded for Seven.

There is a bit of extra information floating around about this. It doesn’t seem to be a Chaser project, but rather just something that some of the guys from the Chaser are involved with. The Goodies Graeme Garden is also involved.

A discussion on the Saucy Gibbon (a Goodies fan site) has a brief report from the taping of the show, stating that several hosts are being trialed for the show. The Chasers Julian Morrow and Nova Sydneys Scott Dooley have both had a go in the hosts chair.

Last week Andrew Hansen had been tweeting to get some audience members. Using some dodgy deduction, with Graeme Garden involved, Jon Naismith present, and the email address cited [email protected], could this be a local version of the BBC radio panel comedy Garden co-created ‘The Unbelievable Truth’?

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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